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  1. I try to add "if nil then ..." to the gg.loadResults action but I can't do that, I get an error that I didn't find the value of "t1" function () gg.loadResults(t1) if t1 == nil then gg.search...........
  2. soffter

    Create table

    I am trying to make a system that first verifies if the value has already been searched and if not, to search again but I cannot do it, I leave an example of what I am trying. hh = gg.loadResults(ii) if hh == nil then gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() gg.searchNumber("344B8201r", 4) prueba = gg.getResults(1) t = gg.addListItems(prueba) ii = gg.getListItems() gg.clearResults() gg.clearList()
  3. Nice, That at the moment can only be modified manually?
  4. soffter

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    I think the answer was with libs, do you have any link where I can see that?
  5. soffter

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    Hi @Enyby , I wanted to know if there is any way to use the information from dnSpy and / or HxD and use it in GG or the other way around.
  6. Will you add that option to do it from script command?
  7. Is it possible to change the text and/or add
  8. soffter

    x64 pc

    Thanks so much!
  9. soffter

    x64 pc

    hello, is there any way i can use gameguardian x64 bits on pc?
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