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    Create table

  2. I try to add "if nil then ..." to the gg.loadResults action but I can't do that, I get an error that I didn't find the value of "t1" function () gg.loadResults(t1) if t1 == nil then gg.search...........
  3. soffter

    Create table

    I am trying to make a system that first verifies if the value has already been searched and if not, to search again but I cannot do it, I leave an example of what I am trying. hh = gg.loadResults(ii) if hh == nil then gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() gg.searchNumber("344B8201r", 4) prueba = gg.getResults(1) t = gg.addListItems(prueba) ii = gg.getListItems() gg.clearResults() gg.clearList()
  4. Nice, That at the moment can only be modified manually?
  5. soffter

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    I think the answer was with libs, do you have any link where I can see that?
  6. soffter

    dnSpy, HxD and GG

    Hi @Enyby , I wanted to know if there is any way to use the information from dnSpy and / or HxD and use it in GG or the other way around.
  7. Will you add that option to do it from script command?
  8. Is it possible to change the text and/or add
  9. soffter

    x64 pc

    Thanks so much!
  10. soffter

    x64 pc

    hello, is there any way i can use gameguardian x64 bits on pc?
  11. Well, I don't know if that's the case but it worked for me, thanks you t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} t1 = gg.getValues(t1) t1[1].freeze=true gg.addListItems(t1)
  12. Can you show me how to do it in this code? I can't understand it from help to use get.Values gg.searchNumber("100;350;200" , gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.refineNumber("100", gg.TYPE_DWORD) t = gg.getResults(1) t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} gg.addListItems(t1)
  13. I know, but if I put value I have to put some valid number and I don't want it to change, how do I put the "value" field but don't edit the value?
  14. Maybe it's stupid, but I can't make my code look for an address and freeze it, the problem is that if I don't add value, it freezes me but converts the original value to 0 I checked gg's help and read a lot in the forum but I can't find a solution to this, which I think is something simple. t3 = {{address = g (t2,1) + 0x10, flags = 4, freeze = true}} gg.addListItems (t3)
  15. Hi, can someone help me with this issue? My problem is that I have uploaded my encrypted script but at the time of executing it from PC or cell phone, it takes too long. If I upload it without encryption there is no problem but obviously I do not want to upload the file without encryption for obvious reasons. Any ideas or solutions for the problem?
  16. soffter


    hello, can anyone help me with this? after the offset I want to add another offset and then edit the value, I searched but I can't find a way to achieve it gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber("100;300;450;25" , gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.refineNumber("25", gg.TYPE_DWORD) p = gg.getResults(2) local q = {} q[1] = {} q[1].address = p[2].address + 16 <----------- ADD OTHER OFFSET, BUT HOW? q[1].flags = 4 q[1].value = 100 gg.setValues(q) gg.alert('Done')
  17. I have another problem, could you help me? in my script I have this alert function wait () gg.alert ("TEXT", "Ok") if menu == 1 then base () end end when I give OK I want to return to the menu, but the script ends
  18. thanks you, that worked!
  19. hello, can anyone help me? I tried everything and I can't fix it and the "help" of gameguardian isn't very helpful ... After the script performs the following sequence: function bar() gg.searchNumber("14;6,619,250;7,274,611;7,471,221;6,619,235;6,422,623;7,471,201;3,211,359:29", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0) gg.searchNumber("14", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0) gg.getResults (1) end instead of finishing the script, you go to another menu
  20. I am trying to transform my old menu to put multiChoice but I spent hours and I did not find a way, I do not understand what I am doing wrong, could someone help me how it would be please? This is the menu I am trying to modify: ::zedgmerlol31:: gg.clearResults() menu=gg.choice({"Ejecutar Primero","Kate la exploradora","Hugh el granjero","Bill el matón","Atrás"},nil,"Zedgmerlol") if menu == 1 then goto zedgmerlol1 end if menu == 2 then goto zedgmerlolk1 end if menu == 3 then goto zedgmerlolk2 end if menu == 4 then goto zedgmerlolk3 end if menu == 5 then goto Mainmenu end gg.toast("Zedgmerlol") print (" Last Day On Earth ") print ("By Zedgmerlol") os.exit() ::zedgmerlolk1:: gg.searchNumber('27;6553708;6619247;7143519;7471205;6619235;6357102;7929970;7340127;6488161;6226027;6225969;6225971;3407922;104:57', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.searchNumber('27', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.getResults(4) goto zedgmer99 if Mainmenu == nil then goto Mainmenu end os.exit() ::zedgmerlolk2:: gg.searchNumber('27;6553708;6619247;7143519;7471205;6619235;6357102;7929970;7340127;6488161;6226027;6225968;6225971;3407922;104:57', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.searchNumber('27', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.getResults(4) goto zedgmer99 if Mainmenu == nil then goto Mainmenu end os.exit() ::zedgmerlolk3:: gg.searchNumber('27;6553708;6619247;7143519;7471205;6619235;6357102;7929970;7340127;6488161;6226027;6225970;6225971;3407922;104:57', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.searchNumber('27', gg.TYPE_DWORD ) gg.getResults(4) goto zedgmer99 if Mainmenu == nil then goto Mainmenu end os.exit()
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