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  1. That's cool actually most of the game's Xor offset is 4. From now I will also try both 4 and 8 offset any every game [added 1 minute later] And this game is server sided I also tried but didn't succeeded.
  2. You multiplied 310000 with 8 how you know that the hox offset is 8 not 4 ??
  3. Deepz

    Xor key and Xor value

    What is Xor key and Xor value? What is the difference between them and how to identify whether it is Xor key or Xor value.
  4. I have Redmi note 5 pro and it's running on Android pie (9) I don't know why virtualxposed is force closing everytime I try to open it before upgrading to pie everything was working fine. Help me pls @Enyby
  5. Yes same happened to me it crashes when we change ant value in the game. But i tried speedhack to speed up the process i think that helps
  6. It's server sided game bro I tried but nothing happened
    It is not opening in my Redmi note 5 pro.
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