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  1. Exactly but how can it will be solved ?? Can you help me ? I tried to reinstall the game but my guest data is not being deleted so the older user data comes again when I reinstall the game I'm not able to play it with new guest account
  2. I did and then a pop shows and says that you need 897373823 more gold to buy this item
  3. Thanks for replying, let me tell you what I did I opened Shop then I changed the price of buying medal there were 80000 medals for 40000 gold so I changed it to 136467545 medals for -999999999 gold and then I refreshed Shop and purchased medals with my changed gold and successfully I got it but then I started purchasing other items with gold my gold value from storage went to -156854336 or something after that I couldn't purchase anything
  4. Look in this picture gold and medals are in minus. How to make them in plus. I hacked gold and medals from shop by reducing item's price to -94373822 and this happened. I tried to clear this game's data from the parallel space lite and reinstalled it but it still showing me the same process. Help me please and sorry my english is not good.
  5. That's cool actually most of the game's Xor offset is 4. From now I will also try both 4 and 8 offset any every game [added 1 minute later] And this game is server sided I also tried but didn't succeeded.
  6. You multiplied 310000 with 8 how you know that the hox offset is 8 not 4 ??
  7. Deepz

    Xor key and Xor value

    What is Xor key and Xor value? What is the difference between them and how to identify whether it is Xor key or Xor value.
  8. I have Redmi note 5 pro and it's running on Android pie (9) I don't know why virtualxposed is force closing everytime I try to open it before upgrading to pie everything was working fine. Help me pls @Enyby
  9. Yes same happened to me it crashes when we change ant value in the game. But i tried speedhack to speed up the process i think that helps
  10. It's server sided game bro I tried but nothing happened
  11. Can someone hack dawn of isles. I think it's server sided game so it can't be hacked but if someone can hack please let me know. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.hdjygb
    It is not opening in my Redmi note 5 pro.
  12. Deepz

    Gameguardian crashing

    When I try to search for encrypted values in any game my gg crashes immediately . Please help
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