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    Hi bro I'm not found video about hack the XP, help please
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    i don't get that clearly...can u please explain how to create a speed hack script ? for any racing game ?! please sir
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    Same for me. It would be nice to find a script to bypass their servers and playing pvp. Please help
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    From some video on Youtube. I think it can be found via usual search for xor key. As explained in one video here. Yes it is XOR key. This video just fast example how formula calculator can be used on real game. It is more powerful and allow any formula, not only XOR.
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    Trial and error method. In addition, many games can be hacked through the store, so this is also some previous experience. Typical hacking. On the currency exchange in the store. Gold on silver. We need large numbers to avoid unnecessary results. Therefore, the largest conversion is usually chosen. Well, or where the numbers are, which are rarely in memory. Then a group search. If lucky, there will be results. Through the filling, you can check the desired results. If the results are necessary, then we put gold in large numbers in the minus, and silver in plus, in large numbers. Sometimes a minus doesn't work. Then we try gold at 0 or 1, and silver with a large number. Still better than nothing.
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