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GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

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Generally in May, 32 days. This is just as obvious as the fact that the application can read your thoughts. And it can show the hidden cards, which are known only to the server. And it can change the data stored on the server.
In general, everything that is shown in this video.
It's a shame not to know.

added 1 minute later

And yes, in the day 30 hours, and in an hour 100 seconds.
So wait for May 32, 28:98 PM. And when it comes, then there will be a release.

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On 5/11/2018 at 7:56 AM, Paul978 said:

Are you going to tell us how to get it?

Click your heels together three times:P

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Although its a prank but, when i downloaded and was finding hacks to stop time then i shocked because, time stopped automatically.I thought its really magical version but, after few min, i got that Game crashed some code because, i can't spawn/spec/switch


It was shocking



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Why are you fooling us? We trust you so much but you're just playing our feelings after all we are stupid to believe this and you don't use anything magic you're using gg victim which is private app of yours (even though everyone wants that app but you will never share it) if it is real and you want to share this to your follower then please tell exact date not like 32 may lol but now its September ???

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