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Asphalt 8: Airborne - unban - Lucky Patcher

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This must works for most Gameloft games.


Author Youtube channel:


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Unbanned? Or just ability to make new account? 

I know with most gameloft games "unban" doesn't mean you resume your account. Just means you can make a new one. Am I wrong on this instance? (I didn't watch the video). 

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New cloud account. In latest version of Gameloft it mean lost local progress too, because they encrypted local save file with login data from cloud.

Of course normal unban for any server data is impossible if developers not full dumb.

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*Sees an effective unban method*




*You will lose all progress*




EDIT: Btw, in my game, even though I am connected to the internet, none of the events, offers or multiplayer show up. They keep on loading. Why?

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