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Pixel Gun 3D ALL UPDATE Custom Lottery + Sets Hack (32bit and 64bit) 1.0.0

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UPDATED 24.3.2: https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/3887-updated-pg3d-2432-actual-32bit-support-pixel-gun-3d-all-update-custom-lottery-rewards-hack-32bit-and-64bit/


The script has been patched, but @Michael1541 went through a lot of effort to make an updated version for the community! Switch to that one instead: PG3D Lottery and Sets script updated - LUA scripts - GameGuardian

@Michael1541's updated version has also been patched 😭.

Want to update the script yourself? I have created a lotto sets template

Notice: Armv7 (32bit) is not currency supported, because I grinded 18 hours to make this and I'm really burnt out. But it should be finished in a few days.

Update: I said I would add Armv7 (32bit) support in a few days when this script was first released, but it never came out. I know a lot of people are upset about this. The reason is that I tried multiple times to make it work but kept encountering bugs and running into issues. Sorry to all the 32bit users!

Contact Me:

User123456789#6424 on discord

Disclaimer: This script is bannable! Getting too much currency within a certain time frame will flag your account as suspicous and you will be banned in the next ban wave. I recommend only getting at most 10,000 gems per day, or your account will have a high risk of being banned. Even if you do play it safe, you can still be banned.

Warning: Using the custom value option and setting the reward values to over 45,000 will instantly ban you


After almost 18 hours straight of work, and a completely sleepless night, I finally present:

Pixel Gun 3D All Update Custom Lottery and Set Event Hack!

This is not the ordinary lotto sets script. Here's what unique about it:

-This script will work on all game updates (the lowest game version tested is 22.4.3, but downgrading is impossible anyway), even future updates

-The script supports various values, and lets you enter a custom value if it does not have what you want. Currently, only whole numbers (no decimal values like 1.5) in the range of 0 to 65536 are supported.

-This script supports devices with both armv7 (32bit) and armv8 (64bit) architectures

-This script employs multiple searches, to ensure that only the correct value is edited, and as a backup in case the mIain search does not work

-This script has a small antiban feature that warns you when you try to edit the reward values over 45,000


I really hope you enjoy, and that this was worth staying up until 5 AM for!

Edited by HorridModz


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3 hours ago, dizzy252 said:

Hahahaha nice work Horrid glad you came back to help us out with a new script please let me us know when your done and if you can check your discord real quick it would be awesome. I also found another script that works very good if you want i can share it with you guys.

It's here! Sorry it took me the whole day LOL. https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/3887-updated-pg3d-2432-actual-32bit-support-pixel-gun-3d-all-update-custom-lottery-rewards-hack-32bit-and-64bit/
I will hop on discord right now.

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Been very unactive the last days anyways Thank you so much for putting in the work in the script my bad for a late reaction but it does work tho. Apprecieate it. Love bro and hope you can upload more in the future! 

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