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  1. Been very unactive the last days anyways Thank you so much for putting in the work in the script my bad for a late reaction but it does work tho. Apprecieate it. Love bro and hope you can upload more in the future!
  2. Hahahaha nice work Horrid glad you came back to help us out with a new script please let me us know when your done and if you can check your discord real quick it would be awesome. I also found another script that works very good if you want i can share it with you guys.
  3. Yo Horrid are you trying to update the scripr or? cuz i really need it tbh i swear i apprecieate u so much for taking your time to upload free scripts keep going bro and please add me back on discord Theplaya070#6656 and can you tell me please which scripts still work? i tried everything but nothing works can you help me out? thanks
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