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Learning to deal with pointers and GG

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Hello, someone just asked me a question (see below) about how to learn to use GG and especially pointers, and I wanted to share my answer, since I think pointers can be very obscure at the beginning as well as GG itself if you're not already into hacking.


PS: I know many people have already answered the same type of question, I try to make it as clear as possible here, but I'm just adding my answer to the already existing flow, and I hope people can correct me if needed here, or add anything they want

I show the content there, quite a load to read.



Can u tell me How to learn game guardian I want to learn to but u know started using

gg 2 years ago but started learning Just a month agao I started from enbys gallery videos and i Nearly completed 70% of his video in which i understood like 58%

Can u plz help me in pointers and what should i more learn about gg to learn it.



/!\ I'm just an amateur, not an expert at all !!! /!\

What it is: A pointer is just an address like others containing a value, but this value is an address itself and is used to reference another place in memory (let's call it A), we say it "points" to A. For data, it is mostly used to organize or to make hacks more difficult, but well, they can be used as the programmer wants, there's no real "rule".

How to deal with them with GG: if it's originally there to organize data, you can use it to your advantage to 1) organize your hack or 2) speed it up: You often see structures in data, for example, you often see everything related to player stacked together.
1)Organize: Thus, instead of dealing with each address of interest (HP, MP, money...), you use only once the "search pointer" which will search for any addresses somewhere in memory pointing to the structure, (to be exact, it looks for pointers to the addresses before the one you selected in GG (let's call it x), i.e. in the range [x-OFFSET;x], OFFSET is a parameter of the search).
We call the first element (which is the pointed one) of the structure the "base" (and its address will be A). Like that, you only save the pointer to the base in the "save list" and remember the offsets of the of the interesting addresses after the base. Like that you won't have to save HP, MP separately anymore, you just saved the pointer to the structure, it's like taking a bag instead of bearing every element separately.

2) speed up/help the hack: once you spotted a structure and its pointer, you can look around for useful stuff and understand the structure of the game itself better.
But there is better! pointers themselves are often stacked in a structure, with a base, like any other structure. So if you find a pointer to your player structure for example, look around the address of the pointer itself and you might see interesting addresses, including other pointers pointing to other structures, which is the BEST. If you do that, you can start with the HP address, and finish with a global hack after only one search, everything you could want to modify in range, just waiting for you to identificate them.

Finally it can also be used to make hacks harder, since devs often move the important stuff to prevent it to from being searched in memory editors like GG. For example, each time you earn money, the money value gets stored somewhere else, and the old address isn't effective anymore, and could even sometimes trigger anticheats. You can get around it with fuzzy search, using only "has changed" every time you earn/lose money, and be ready to not find directly money, but a pointer to it. Then you can try freezing the pointer and your money shouldn't change by itself anymore, and you just have to change it yourself without ever unfreezing the pointer.
I encountered this exact behaviour in this game, and it helped me a lot, see yourself:
PS: i apologize for my grammar in this post, we write 'search' not 'shearch' lol


If you want to progress you might want to learn how a computer works. Sorry it seems like a biiiig task, but I mean, learn step by step, basics first. Look at ASM (the specific language of every processor, just as close as binary as possible) to get a good idea of how everything works.

I'm not saying I'm an expert at all, but I started hacking on pc because I was curious of how all of this works, from electrical components to any running program, and learning about how something works let you see how you can control it.
You say you want to learn GG, but GG is just a tool, it's nothing hard, and everything becomes crystal clear when you know about the computer.
And that's it, I think hacking is just computer knowledge, creativity, and randomness (luck), put together to modify anything as you want. (I don't mean a computer act randomly, but we do)

I think the best way to help you learn GG is to share computer knowledge and sources with you, which is, no joke, the hardest thing to find on the internet. And I'll be happy to answer your questions if you have any or try to guide you.


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Ty bro it was me 🙂

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give your YT channel. wanna subscribe

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