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Hi, can someone help me with a error script pls?

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Script terminato:

errore di script: luaj.o: load /storage/emulated/0/qlua5/PSG2.2.lua: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/qlua5/PSG2.2.lua:78


errore di sintassi vicino a "end"

 su luaj.LuaValue.a (src: 997)

 at luaj.Globals.c_ (src: 255)

 su android.ext.Script.d (src: 5924)

 su android.ext.Script $ ScriptThread.run (src: 5717)

Causato da: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/qlua5/PSG2.2.lua:78


errore di sintassi vicino a "end"

 at luaj.aha (src: 295)

 at luaj.ahc (src: 299)

 at luaj.aha (src: 1012)

 at luaj.ahx (src: 2179)

 presso luaj.ahz (src: 2273)

 at luaj.ahA (src: 2290)

 at luaj.aha (src: 1449)

 at luaj.ahN (src: 2163)

 presso luaj.ahz (src: 2246)

 at luaj.ahA (src: 2290)

 at luaj.aha (src: 2306)

 a luaj.aua (src: 121)

 su luaj.ata (src: 99)

 su luaj.Globals.a (src: 364)

 su luaj.Globals.a (src: 352)

 su luaj.Globals.a (src: 267)

 at luaj.Globals.c_ (src: 249)

 ... altri 2

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