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GetTargetInfo in a custom Alert

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I would like to script an alert that shows target info such as the version name AND uid AND other info.
And also enter my own 'text' all in the same alert. (Because targetinfo is not labeled)
So far I can do this:

about = gg.getTargetInfo() 

It works perfect, but how do I get more target info into the same alert, and how to enter my own 'text'?
What I would like to do for example:

Version - (versionName) 
UID - (uid) 

In one alert message...
Sorry I just really hope this makes sense.
Thank you for your help and please explain like telling a beginner hahaha😆

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Posted (edited)

game = gg.getTargetInfo()

Edited by HEROGAMEOfficial

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Learn about string concatenation in Lua.

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