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Found 18 results

  1. Hi! I've tried to tests run on the Parallel Space non root game guardian for 32 bit and 64 bit and also default. However, the game guardian does not detected any game in my parallel space. I'm using Android 10 btw. How can I solve this problem?
  2. Every time i want to log in on google play a "error" pops up and it says google play services doesnt work with out google play services thats currently updating (Picture is in dutch). I tried to search if someone had a solution in the forum, but ddnt find one. So is there anyone who can help me now? Thx
  3. I can't connect, save on my new phone, because while on parallel space it doesn't allow me to connect, I have the 64 bit version, and yes I have tried the speed thing, and tapping on the Google play games app, it just says verifying information forever, can somebody help me?
  4. Hi all I have a problem connecting to Google Play. I try different techniques but every time Google Play does not launch or try not to connect me. Do you have a tutorial to remedy this? Whether it's for ParallelSpace or Virtualxposed Help me find a solution.
  5. always when i try to open my pubg it closes after it starts to extract and it is not my game, because without the parallel i can play normally, i have tried all the clones and all of the same error, could someone help me? please 20210107-232737-720x1680~4.mp4
  6. I am using a Samsung Note9 that is not rooted running Android 10 and One UI 2.5 After installing the latest Parallel Space that is compatible with android 10 I keep getting (No root Granted) I factory reset the mobile and I kept getting the same thing, can you help with this? I did not contact the Parallel Space developers as it would be funny for a user to ask them "Why is your application to making my cheating tools work right?"
  7. Hello to you guys and happy new year! Im making this topic to reach out on you guys especially the developers. Well to begin with, I sucessfully used gg on Kotor via Virtual space and Octopus they both worked fine on my moto g4 plus. I bought xiaomi redmi note 9s as a gift to myself downloaded ARK and thought to use gg on it. installed gg, the 64 bit and 9+ version of parallel space then I followed the instruction, grant permission but nothing seems to work gg keeps popping up saying no root and daemon not found downloaded the latest version tried to install it on default and 64bit but nothing works also tried it on octopus but still the same. have you guys make it to work on this device if you made it to work then please paste a link here so that i can follow it and please devs, make a way and make it to work on android 10. Thank you!
  8. I can't find the game process for any games. I use parallel space with 64bit support. I have tried every type of Game Guardian from hacking 32x on 64x to 64x on 64x to default. The closest thing I can find is the Parallel panel process.
  9. Okay! I watched every video out there but I’m still having problems!! so I will give out the steps Im doing and what pictures show up..I’ll mark them 1-10 etc 1. I downloaded the Game Guardian, then I’m given a screen that gives me 2 different options of gg 101.0 apk or Bluestacks (I click 101.0 apk) 2. I install the file and allow access to everything possible! It then ask if I want default, 32 by 64 virtual or 64 by 64 and it also asks to root or no root 3. I click default cuz in the video there was nothing shown on what to click! (The game I’m trying to modify is 64) 4. It then says to uninstall the game guardian or I’ll have 4 not 2 so then I proceed with installing. I then get a message saying I need to download a virtual space to use GG 5. It takes me to a screen to download virtual spaces where parallel space is to download, and 4 apks pop up to download, I chose the last one 6. I download parallel space and add KKH, play games game guardian etc 7. I go into gg it gives me the same message it gives me for KKH I then click install 8. IT TAKES ME TO MY ACTUAL GOOGLE PLAY STORE AND SAYS DEVICE NOT COMPATIBLE?? when I’m version 9 on android I’m also having issues with virtual space, there will be a separate post for that! Please help!! This shouldn’t be this hard! can someone explains this to me what’s going on??
  10. here is the error
  11. Topic Owner Samsung Galaxy A10 version One UI 2.0 Android 10 version From Parallel Space 4.0.9031 and above Can't use GameGuardian at all. What is the cause? Please ask for help. Thank you.
  12. how to download pubg in parallel space, after installing pubg in parallel space. when i start it, it says you dont have a license or something. says you didn't buy this product. i thought game data will be downloaded inside. is there any way to put files from phone to parallel space?
  13. Hi Umm i am new to game guardian hacking Please help me if anyone knows or gone through my same situation I installed parallel space Installed game guardian And added real racing 3 to parallel space Hacked for gold Which i was told was not gone get me ban But it did I got banned Can't use cloud save Please anyone can share some information with me Thanks a lot in advance
  14. Hi, After watching few tutorials about "how use GG without root", I have a bad issue. When I launch a game in Parallel Space and I try to select the process, I have only some Google play processes. Impossible to find the game process. I tried with Free fire but nothing. I'm using GG 8.53.2. Can someone can help me please ? Thanks
  15. please help with this. I tried all virtual programs but it doesn’t help, when launching ML "please restart game". reinstalled the game too ....
  16. Hi there. I'm running a mod version of Sims FreePlay through parallel space to use game guardian on it The mod allows me to play as level 15 with unlimited Simoleon, lp and SP. However when I've moved the game to another device to play the VIP doesn't travel (but the clothes do) and the SP drops to 1.3 billion instead of 2 billion. Can someone help me figure out how to change the VIP permanently please. I'm confident I know how to change S , LP and SP but not VIP. Also I have seen people using Game Guardian to unlock the items in the store usually purchased with real money. Can someone please explain how this is done. My game will not connect to the store in parallel space If you can help me figure this out please, I'll definitely donate a coffee of two. Many thanks in advance.
  17. So as I said in the Title that when I run Free Fire or PUBG in Parallel Space it crashes when I touch the screen to start or get to the lobby in no matter of seconds. I used parallel space from this website I also tried to change the virtual app and there is always a problem. Is anyone facing the same problem or has a solution? Please!
  18. When im trying to login with my google acc in parallel space its just stuck on "cheking..." Im using gg.signed one for 9+
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