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Found 23 results

  1. I have been playing roller coaster tycoon touch and I can easily duplicate rides by placing them and storing them but there are ride skins that change how the rides look. I can not click on them as they are locked. Any ideas on how to unlock them?
  2. I've been using game guardian to modify values in Tap Sports Baseball for a couple years now, the security has gotten better and better since I started including flagging for certain virtual spaces (parallel, xposed, calc). We figured out that vmos would work so we used that and the code was the same as always. Now parallel space works again and its a much better app than vmos but for some reason the code in PS is different than vmos. I believe this is due to 32 bit vs 64 bit? But I'm no expert. Why would the code change like this? In vmos it uses mainly dword (99% of the time) but in PS we are getting more qword results as well as additional lines of code (127D) where there never used to be code. Any insight would be appreciated!
  3. I have looked for the address for the diamond (before: 79) and I also changed the value to the one I wanted (after: 9999) and it worked, but when I bought (9) the value returned to normal and even decreased from the initial value (70) please help me how to correct
  4. Hi, I know how to change the value but it's visual only, and if I buy things the game will restart. Any help? (My device is rooted by KingRoot)
  5. Here are some picture 1. Here is vmos i download on internet. It has google services and root and don't care about it, the problem like other vmos versions. 2. Here is the browser use in vmos. it's not only this browser but also other browser I download on internet the problem is the same Only gg I can't download in vmos 3. Here the picture when I go to this site Https://gameguardian.net/download And...... 4. Yep yes it is 5. Here the picture when I import and use. Cb the important doesn't get anything My phone used Samsung galaxy j7 pro
  6. Hello, I would like to script an alert that shows target info such as the version name AND uid AND other info. And also enter my own 'text' all in the same alert. (Because targetinfo is not labeled) So far I can do this: about = gg.getTargetInfo() gg.alert(about.versionName) It works perfect, but how do I get more target info into the same alert, and how to enter my own 'text'? What I would like to do for example: ALERT Version - (versionName) UID - (uid) In one alert message... Sorry I just really hope this makes sense. Thank you for your help and please explain like telling a beginner hahaha
  7. Nxb nv has launched a new update as the app terminates itself while selecting the package through game guardian, I have tried hide game guardian function it's of no use.
  8. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emreerkan.homeless this game is just 5-10 mb pls help me Can you guys help me i tried to make money hack but i couldn't
  9. Hi guys how you feel today ?. For me I am ok. I have some problems with offset, i am learning how to use offset properly but it is still difficult for me. I will details you my approach and I want you to tell me what wrong with it. - First I have searched this two value above. that I want is to get the 2nd value 50000 from offset using the first value 1100. I have calculated the offset of those two value. but when I tried to get the 2nd value mean 50000. But it is not working. it is getting me to that value I dont need. the value above. but when I replace the offset that I calculate by 8 it is working. He is selecting the right value mean 50000. so and this 8 value for offset I got it randomly i was typing some random value within 1~20 and i magically got it. So after reading this can you tell me what wrong with all of this and propose me any solution and help me to understand how offset work. and last thing can you tell me how to use offset in Script?. Anyway thank you all.
  10. help me to find more than one value I mean, if I look for the value "25" and there are no results, then continue to look for the second value "20". but if I look for the value "25" and there are results, then don't look for the second value "20" I tried writing the script but GG always read i search value "5" sorry for my english I hope you understand what I mean
  11. Why do i get script ended everytime i try to run must of the scripts i download but not all of them can someone help me fix that ??
  12. Anyone know how to hack this game with gg or http canary? Plz help me!
  13. I dont know what is unrandomizer how can i use it?
  14. Its a server sided game i know it can't be hacked without an external app but i don't have root tried everything framaroot king root kingo root etcetera etcetera but i dont know if everything is server sided like how the hero's stats used to not be server-side or an external app on mobile NO PC COMP WINDOWS cause i don't have that just an external app on and for mobile that doesn't need root like game guardian on parallel space or you could do something else entirely like replacement for the files or a modded apk with obb idk if it has one but i know how to put an obb in maybe you could transfer the mobile to comp hack it on comp and put it back on mobile or just instructions for how to get it and what type of hacks? Ill list them you don't have to do all of them just some or one or none is ok to bc instructions are good anyways gems unkillable characters modded characters anti ban speeded gameplay mod menu idk if that would work script place down more than 6 hero stands idk what there called be able to place down everything multiple times place outside the boundaries use same heros on different alters free shopping for everything thats all sorry a lot to absorb lol you can do it !!!! Wow im bad at ending the longest run on sentence.


    How to make seekbar like if you activate in 5 then seekbar is stuck in seekbar number 5
  16. Hello dear !!! You need to hack the latest version of the game HAWK: Freedom Squadron 29.1 !!! Using the NoFear methods laid out earlier, it turns out to find some values in the game ... for example, the address of the shield button in patrol (instead of Overdrive in previous versions - now there is only a shield), you can edit the inscription on the button, but nothing changes in the game - I don't know what to do next There is also a sequence when hacking the stabilizer, but nothing else happens And coins at the patrol level can't be hacked - I find the address, but I can't figure out what to change for what I really ask knowledgeable people to help in this difficult, but very interesting task - I don't want to use the MOD, but find the necessary addresses myself, change the values and get the result That's the whole point !!!
  17. I have found a value in Xa (CODE_APP) range, and I want to use this value in C++ code with the help of Memorytools.h (a Chinese Memory editing tool for mobile) Now My question is... How can I do this ?..because the option(Xa) is not available in memorytools.h There are list of available items :: ALL, A_ANONYMOUS, ALLOC, C_DATA, B_BAD, C_BSS, C_HEAP, JAVA_HEAP , CODE_SYSTEM(Xs), STACK, ASHMEM ...I have used many methods in this case and I have tried all the ranges but none of them are working,,,also I have tried DWORD and FLOAT both data Type.. So,, please help Me.. Thanks in advanced Note : I am tried to edit memory with c++ in mobile (Not PC) ,,also I have attach the MemoryTool.h in this post MemoryTools.h
  18. basically I just tried to use my old script. As far as I know it works perfectly on 87.5, but I updated my GG like 5-minutes ago and that's what happened (screenshot) the part of code: fly_save = 9.11F I tried just to hide it with -- and it stop crashing so there is something in syntax, but I don't have any idea what's happened cause it works correctly on GG 87.5 <. Maybe there is something changed in new versions but I didn't found anything in changelogs.
  19. Hello, How do I script for a search of a hex value that the beginning of the hex and the end is always the same but the middle changes everytime the game opens. Example 0000007F697F1E98 0000007F697C9E98 0000007F69148E98 That's the same value I need to find, each one is from opening the game again, as you can see the begining and ending remain the same but the middle digits change. Is there a way to search for 0000007??????E98h And what do the colors mean? When I GOTO and browse the hex values are mostly white text but some are yellow or purple or red. Thanks in advance!
  20. hello I have a request I have two Xiaomi one the pocophone f1 and the other a MI 9T pro In the pocophone f1 it loads much faster and I never have problems but that is my old phone now with the MI 9T pro with the same version installed and with both root it does not work the same as the pocophone. Any help? Note sorry if the video is blurry focus my hand on the camera the file weighs more than 15 mb so I upload it to mega https://mega.nz/file/VqZgFKxZ#fc8XjJFNJ8LmGLCdpSztDG8DHm7KOAACpBqiYQCRkHs
  21. I want to create a text file using lua but I'm not sure how.
  22. I want to Edit The save List at my Script and someone tell me that I should do this code to load the result for editing but I don't know what should I do gg.loadResults(gg.getListItems()) So if you know the Solve of this problem please tell me I use GameGuardian 99.0 For Knowing
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