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  1. I don't have any idea how memory regions works, but as far as I know if I want to hack the game - best way is REGION_CODE_APP. If there way, may someone explain how i may use regions? And i have a real big deal with fuzzy search. I'm trying to find health (the game I'm hacking is Hide.io) and fuzzy is a best thing for it. BUT. It stops like on 18K results and there is a wonderful situation. When I lose or gain a heart I just press "Changed" or "Not Changed" and it breaks my mind. Doesn't matter what I'm doing in the game, but the count of results stay constant. It looks like game is predicting the button that i want to press in GG. It doesn't matter what I choose (Increased, Decreased etc). How could it be? And is there way to find values, that are always constant, but i don't know how they looks.
  2. May you post unecrypted variant of script or new version?
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