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  1. What the reason of using "sleep" here? As i got, there is just more then 100K variables so thats why its worked only after 2nd call. Try to use complicated group search with related functions.
  2. Actually didnt find any games with same name, give a link pls
  3. Use gg.isClickedUiButton() true if the button has been clicked since the last check. false - if there was no click. nil - if the button is hidden. Example from help: gg.showUiButton() while true do if gg.isClickedUiButton() then -- do some action for click, menu for example local ret = gg.choice({'Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3'}) or os.exit() gg.alert('You selected:', ret) end gg.sleep(100) end
  4. Check this out, it will help
  5. You should search for 0, then somehow change this value and search again for new one. There are a lot of guides on GG site. Also it could be encrypted
  6. Use search (right top corner on PC), if there is nothing, you might be first who will do it
  7. loversSlayer

    A question.

    Just downloaded BIA3 and there is no problems with opening app. I'm using for Android9+ signed + 64bit support. There could be problem with app package as soon as it have additional content. I had same with another game cause of no-ads patch (LP) so it instantly loses internet connection (= no additional packages download)
  8. loversSlayer

    A question.

    doesn't matter if it is online/offline game. As i got you right, Virtual Spaces from Google Play works well, but gg-signed crashes. Did you test it on BIA3 or just test on other online game? upd: btw be sure that u gave all rights to app
  9. If i got you right: Just use prompt to input some data, then compare it with original one. local var = gg.prompt({'Enter license code'}, nil, {'text'}) if var ~= "license_code" then os.exit() end
  10. Want to know if there is a way to use slider in script. Like slider in Fuzzy to repeat "not changed". Idea is to use it as multiplier for function, would be awesome if I could choose the borders of this slider. Tried to find in "Help" sections, but unsuccessfully.
  11. already fixed it, i just got that im trying to input full table instead of using current value of promp array, ty
  12. part of code: local act = gg.prompt({'Jump boost'}, nil,{'number'}) if act == nil then mainmenu() end gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber(jump_save, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(1) gg.editAll(act, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) For some reason gg acts like im trying to use broken value or smth. Wanna know why it says that var "act" is unexpected. Tried to enter "12" or "12.5" and got same error, so idk what to do next.
  13. now it says that issue is in var2 = 9.11 just without dot after 9 what should I do now?
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