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Found 90 results

  1. File Name: Drag racing File Submitter: k0pLak^aRMy..!! File Submitted: 18 Aug 2012 File Category: Modded apks install it and you can start new game with unlimited cash and respect point Password : " koplakarmy " note : tested and work good on my sony erricson live with walkman Enjoyed!! Source Click here to download this file
  2. File Name: Monster Island File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 16 Aug 2012 File Category: Modded apks Mod includes: - Adfree - In_app purchase hack Click here to download this file
  3. Version 1.0


    Feature: -Hack Coin Subscribe My Channel Follow My Instagram Click for the tutorial
  4. Name of Game: eternium Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:1.2.99 What cheat? Health, xp, gold,gems Have you tried cheating this game? Yes What happened?: it crashed Comments: plz update the script, i try for hours trying
  5. Can anyone do a script for "Modern Air Combat: Team Match"? Reducing enemy damage to 1hp should be enough.
  6. PRO TIP! You may need to pause, please follow the steps carefully! This guide will help new blue stacks rooters to counter act the "Google Play" account switch issue. However this shows it clearly isn't a Google problem... I am already logged into a modded APK on Blue Stacks at the beginning and I am walking you through rather quickly the steps to fix the account switch issue on a modded apk running brazillian? lmao proxy XD downloaded every language of the app and am ready for some fun! To be able to run a modded apk of cc on blue stacks you need root, it only takes a minute: http://forum.xda-dev...571308&page=103 download Falcon's auto rooter, its the only one i found that works You will also need jrummy root explorer.... "That time you used up all your dungeon chances and killed guild boss but you suddenly realize you are stuck on that modded account!" TO FIX: Run any language version of castle clash Switch to google account you want mod to work on and exit app Run modded Castle Clash apk then exit once you see still on old account Run JRummy root browser Press home then data / data Then com.igg.castleclash_(what language) Go to files and copy user data Take JRummy to com.igg.castleclash paste user data in files folder Run mod then click on account Get disconnected then reconnect on desired account. Rinse and Repeat... Viola! No more switching issues, plus you get free account in that language to collect maintenance gems. Do not use this mod in pvp if you have it. Nameless is better! Lets keep this update going a while before patch, pl0x. Easter Egg working mod in the middle and end Have fun, Crashers! xoX0 <3

    © Anon Artista

  7. Version 1.0.0


    features: ... money hack and diamonds hack auto update by the web no passwords need Must have internet connection if in the feature require password the password will be 0 or you can join on the discord and find all the passwords find me on discord: αμπουσερούκος καπιταλουκος#9921 here is the official discord that i will start sell some scripts and there you will find all my scripts and you will find my new youtube account Join to discord if you need support and if you want to get my new scripts faster than anyone https://discord.gg/vEMJpkW
  8. Hi Guyzz.today I will indroduce myself I will joined and I will make VIP SCRIPTS AND MOD MENUS for fps games like PUBG MOBILE AND PUBG MOBILE LITE and I will uploaded here so follow me and stay updated.....
  9. Minecraft Pocket Edition Hack V0.11.1 Hacks: 1. Infinite Health 2. Infinite Armor 3. Infinite Inventory Size 4. No Knockback *Signed using one-click-signer. Might have some problems, so report if it doesn't work* Download: https://userscloud.com/epnf0eii511z VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855/analysis/ If you enjoy this game, buy it!
  10. Hi everyone, so there is this game called the Mighty quest for epic loot and i ***** love that game but you have to spend a lot of money to get good. So my question is can someone help me hack it through game Guardian of make a lua script for it (like damage muliplayer of healt). And it is possible to hack it cause there is this app called blackmart and you can download the game with a mod menu for unlimited damage and health
  11. View File Death run Portable mod menu. Hey, I made a game guardian script time ago for death run portable. I also used other scripts as help, but also tested stuff myself. Just try it out. radius >> everything except: code system; bad and code app. Have fun. | Just for education.  I assume no liability. Submitter Taguar258 Submitted 03/01/19 Category LUA scripts
  12. Version 1.0.0


    My hack menu for MurdureGame Portable. A few different hacks such as glide and high jump.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Tutorial Cheat : ./Yaelahkaaa
  14. File Name: 3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders' Creed (Unlimited Gold/Upgrade) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 10 Jan 2014 File Category: Android Mods (APKs) How-To Guide For This Mod: Required Android version: 2.2+ More Info: Google Play Overview: Based on the legendary wars between 3 kingdoms and the classical defending campaigns in ancient China, this game is one of the best 3 Kingdoms Tower Defense titles melting with famous heroes and diversified upgrading systems. Do not simply treat it as Plants vs Zombies with 3 kingdoms characters and storylines. The hero and soldier system, defending nurture system and purse system show how creative the game is. In addition to that, the huge amount of stages await for you to explore and challenge. Being defenders of your city and a commander for your homeland people, you have to hold the Defenders’ Creed for repelling powerful and cruel intruders and defending your homeland. Skillful famous heroes from 3 kingdoms era, diversified defending tactics and value-added purses are the core game elements. Different combinations of those elements can create different playing experiences. In addition, unpredictable weather system and extra bonus system further motivate you to join the passionate defending wars. * Features of the famous Heroes: Unique characteristics * - Each hero has unique instant skills, which can execute some special defending effects. - Each hero has 3 different passive skills, which will be executed automatically in the battle to increase defending skills. * Defending Features: diversified game-play * - Diversified soldier types: Long-range Archer, fatal-attack Infantry, solid Heavy Armor, brave Knight, magical Wizard, powerful Catapult, assistant Drummer play their roles in the game. If being used properly, they are the key factors of victory. - Diversified soldier skills: Each soldier has 3 upgradable skills. Each skill can be further upgraded to 3 levels. Properly doing upgrades can help to win in the battle. - Diversified Operations: Defenders can be moved to some grids around for re-deploying. They can also be merged with other defenders around with the same type to upgrade skills and recover the unit’s HP. * Purse Feature: Value-added aid * - Various purses can be gained in the game to assist players to pass stages. - Some purse can increase defenders’ attacking agility. Some purse can block enemies. More purses await for your discovery. * Stage Feature: Full of challenges * - As stage goes, enemy will change formations and enhance the attack intensity. More powerful and higher-level enemies will be spawned. In addition, it is very important for you to use different heroes necessarily, upgrade your soldier defenders properly, form a smart defending formation and use purses wisely. Otherwise it would be very hard to defend your homeland. - Bosses appear in the key stages. They could be a warrior with brave heart or wizard with magic spells. Warrior can encourage all enemies. Wizard can cast fire spells. You should create some strategies to beat them. - The HARD mode will have more difficulty than the NORMAL mode with stronger enemies. Use your wisdom to beat them and gain more gold, purses and unlock more famous heroes! More stages will be published soon, please keep an eye on the updates of the 3 kingdoms TD : Defenders’ Creed. Name of cheat: - Unlimited Gold - 2525 upgrade points (will reduce but more than sufficient to upgrade everything) - Ad remove This game has no advertisements
  15. File Name: My Railway (Free Shopping) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 09 Jan 2014 File Category: Android Mods (APKs) How-To Guide For This Mod: Required Android version: 2.0.1+ More Info: Google Play Overview: My Railway captures the fun of playing with model trains! Everyone who enjoyed toy trains as a kid will love to play! Lay rails to connect cities, hire your friends as engineers, control factories and workshops, send your locomotives from city to city and load them up with cargo! Become a modern-day Vanderbilt! Activities: Lay and upgrade railways connecting cities and factories; Upgrade factories and manufacture products to meet demand; Load your trains and your friends' trains; Expand your railway network; Complete daily quests and earn bonuses; Find unique collection items; Customize your train stations with decorations; Send airships to your friends; Features: A unique game unlike any other for mobile devices; Reminiscent of everyone's childhood hobby, model trains; Colorful, high-quality graphics; Hints and tips on playing the game; Immersive sound effects; Trains haul freight even when you're away from the game; Free to play; No ads. This game has NO advertisements Credit: stranger97
  16. File Name: Galactic Phantasy Prelude ( Free Shopping ) File Submitter: MiC2o File Submitted: 07 Jan 2014 File Category: Android Mods (APKs) How-To Guide For This Mod: Required Android version: 2.3.3+ More Info: Google Play Galactic Phantasy Prelude is a 100% free-to-play spaceship action RPG game. Experience the life of a Space adventurer in this stunning action RPG. Build a fleet with 46 different spaceships of various classes from small frigates to giant battle cruisers; make them your very own with thousands of customization options; wander in an open world of the huge Universe; enjoy console quality graphics and immersive gameplay right on your palm. Please note: Galactic Phantasy Prelude is completely free to play but some in-game items such as special ships will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app billing in your device’s settings. facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Galactic-Phantasy-Prelude/231925906979581 (If you have support questions that can be shared with other players, please post them to Facebook.) From Agile Frigates to Imposing Battlecruisers Pilot 46 meticulously detailed spaceships of various classes such as the Frigate, Transport, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Battlecruiser. Each class of spaceships handles distinctively and has its own set of equipment. Customize each of your ships with various equipment types to align with your preferred battle tactics. Innovative Full-Action Battle System Take your fleet of spaceships into full action battles where reflexes and tactics are equally important. Customize your ships with 2000+ pieces of equipment in 20+ categories. Develop your own battle strategies; stun your enemies, drain their energy, or even take them all down with sophisticated range attack. Mind you, no one can hear you scream in space. RPG-style open world gameplay Roam freely and challenge various kinds of missions in 10 star systems, 40 starports and two nations with unique technology levels. An Exciting Journey in Space Experience an epic story in which you start your humble life with a stolen spaceship. You would do whatever it takes to stay alive in the world of pirates, be it robbing, trading, smuggling and battling. You would build your own fleet of spaceships, uncover the secrets of the Sphinx Empire and finally save your home country Galactic Union 20. High Quility Graphics Enjoy super high quality graphics on various mobile devices. The game is highly optimized for the platform and it takes full advantage of the capabilities of the latest devices. If you are fan of space games like Galaxy On Fire II or FreeLancer, you definitely should try Galactic Phantasy Prelude.
  17. Modded and IAP cracked! (Requires Root/Non-Root Access) All credits goes to BHGBOX Dropbox Links: http://db.tt/KKbnntbz Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?gs1c9346poxjeun (Thanks to lizhuoran) Installation Video Guide for Root User: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxM51c9u1GQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player Installation Video Guide for Un-Rooted User: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhFPmEQz9O0&feature=youtube_gdata_player Instructions of installation Root/Non-Root User: After you have Extracted the rar file, you will get "Zenonia 5_iapc.apk & BHGPlus.confiq" 1)Install Zenonia_iapc.apk & "DON'T RUN"..!! 2) Edit the BHGPlus.confiq in Root Explorer(Root User)(Open in text editor) & Text Editor(Non-Root User) 3) You will get this kind of number e.g 5204d56d682e518c 4) change the last 3 number(18c) to any number you want. 5) save changes 6) Copy BHGPlus.confiq to /sdcard any paste it And you are done! You can buy zen items for free.
  18. File Name: Running Fred (Unlimited Money) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 01 Aug 2012 File Category: Modded apks Click here to download this file
  19. Mod:Ultimate All HACKS plus 100% completed. Download Instructions: Download file The_Dark_Knight_Rises_v1.0.6_OfflineMod(No_Need_Root).apk mirror: Download The Dark Knight Rises apk (If you see”This file reached max downloads limit”@filecloud,just make a free registration ) DepositFiles SD data(Android/obb): Яндекс.Народ TDKR-data.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download - Games Móvel 1. Install APK 2. Copy ‘com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftKRHM’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android /obb’ 3. Launch the Game,1st time you need internet to check license.Then you can play offline it will FC once,then everything will be great! 4.(If have rooted phone) then restore TB(Titanium Backup) data - Zippyshare.com - TDKR TB.zip 5.change your date to 2010 and then start the game it will work 100%
  20. File Name: Mission of Crisis (In-app Billing cracked) File Submitter: d2dyno File Submitted: 24 Jul 2012 File Category: Modded apks Instructions: Download and install (remove old apk) Click here to download this file
  21. ZENONIA® 4 v1.0.8 Modded/Offline Requirements: Android version 2.2 and higher, supports App2SD Overview: ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend, Extreme Action RPG What to Look for in Version The Abyss crash bug fixed Google Play payment module update Minor bug fixes Note: This version can play without Internet connection Remove weapons levels restrictions,you can equip level 96 weapons when level 1 Unlimited stats points (You must you upgrade to more than one level above your current level, or level point is great than 1) Unlimited ZEN coins (skill → point → ⊕ → apply → no) More Info: Code: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.gamevil.zenonia4.global download http://www.MegaShare.com/4171468 http://freakshare.com/files/8lz7kyro/z4108m.apk.html this game was upload by "PredaMircea"thanks.. enjoy!
  22. Hey guys, As it says in the title, I removed anti-cheat from Paladog. For GameCIH, GameGuardian, and Gamekiller. Here ya go: Paladog 2.1.1 (Anti-Cheat removed) With gold mod! Instructions to get gold: Open Paladog: Start campaign. Then when you are at the 'level selector', click "Upgrade": Then on the below screen, click "next": You will get this screen: Click on the Gold 'orb', and click on the blue arrow,"buy": Do the above step however much you want
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