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  1. The garena, subsidiary of tencent, is improving its defense and detections against hacks, before starting to look for scripts here, you must first test with the game guardian detection works. at the moment, ban risk is high. Most of the hacks that work, are with restricted and paid uses (vip). But as the gg app is wonderful, you can create your own, with manual searches, and lots of tests on a secondary account with imei changed, to avoid ban on the devices
  2. Lenn1

    pubg i got banned!

    the tencent detects the game Guardian, try to hide the gg app, but it is not guaranteed that it is not banned, unfortunately.
  3. Lenn1

    pubg i got banned!

    your device has been banned! change your IMEI, MEID, SERIAL NUMBER, MAC etc ...
  4. I love you :V xD It made my heart happy in such a way ...
  5. how do you say "with all respect" and then use pejorative terms? your examples are good, really, but only because it is not good for you, do not discard them and throw away the ideas of others, because before saying what is right or wrong, it is in practice that we will decide whether it works and does not work, it's not the decision you make, it's practicality and it's no use filling the screen with your unnecessary comments. if you reformed the script, great, if improved, OMG magnifico! .. here, it's all idea of each one, but we will only accept yours that are the best, okay? the others are trash, oh! lord of all knowledge...
  6. use github to host your script, just edit it and it will be automatically updated, but it is not a safe way to use it when you want it not to steal your code. this script is just to load the contents of a real script that will make the modifications in the desired game. EX; --------------- local file = gg.makeRequest('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/your-github/Lua-scripters/master/teste.lua') -- the link github script in raw if file.content == nil or file.content == '' then os.exit() end -- local load = load(file.content) if load == nil then os.exit() end -- load() ------------- *different from the badcase script, this one is very amateur, rustic and lazy XD
  7. just loop it with the "while" and in the menu function, add the "nil" a simple call to an action, for example a toast saying that minimized ... EX: while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then menuk = 1 gg.setVisible(false) open = 1 end function open() menu = gg.choice({'✤【CHEAT 1】','✤【CHEAT 2】','➽ EXIT'}) if menu == 1 then cheat1() end if menu == 2 then cheat2() end if menu == 3 then exit() end if menu == nil then minz() end menuk= -1 function cheat1() blah blah blah end function cheat2() blah blah blah end function minz() gg.toast('MINIMIZED!!') end function exit() gg.toast('Bye') os.exit() end if menuk == 1 then open() end end end ------------------------ *use as an example may contain errors
  8. yes, you can use any name and use any extension, so that it is capable and load. but if you want to load the file with the values for the gg app modify, you should not save with text, because in the api of the game guardian says saving as text makes it unable to load the values later. that is, you can save it with the name teleport1.txt You can use a .txt extension, but you should not use a "save as a text"
  9. many of the functions of the script is in the c alloc, that is, some things allocated in the device, but most are everything on the server side, but I hope it gets better. it is not possible to make gold, skillpoints etc, because this information is only on the server, even if it modifies, it will only be visual ... but one thing is for sure, the jump hack is good, along with the aim assist hack! nice
  10. I'm not a good writer of Lua scripts, I just make my own way and it works, sometimes it goes out of the way more complicated and lazy XD but returning to the subject, if you want to burn a file to read later with your due values, you can use the "io.open" of the LUA itself. but of course using the format of the game's guardian strings itself, since the saved gg list is a txt file. I do not know if this idea is valid, it's that I'm kind of lazy to think of something, especially when it's not for me XD... or just do a saveList and then a loadList with LOAD_VALUES and you're done!
  11. use the luck patcher to remove a license check/verification.even without root, you can still modify an external apk
  12. Lenn1

    Time Jump on Nox

    use the lucky patches to extract the apk, open it with any unrar or unzip, open the "libs" folder and look for the x86 folder, because there are x86 libraries to fix this problem, extract and copy lib.so to the folder root data / app / "game package name" / lib / armeabiv7a (or just ARM). the gg application will still show the alert that it does not support the libs, but just press "OK" and that's it. may or may not work, with me it works. Sometimes, even with x86 support, the installer will eventually install the armeabi v7a libraries. if even inside the apk is not present the x86 folder with the x86 libs, then it is because the devs have not ported, and there is nothing they can do.
  13. as a personal script creator, I would be dissatisfied if someone stole my codes, because I spend hours finding addresses, offsets, values, etc., without counting the tests that are exhaustive. But it's something I do for myself, only, and it's never going to leak the source if I do not want to. from the time the script creator shares your script created, they automatically give you the ability to get hold of your script and "steal" your source code. and the truth is: many script for free fire, is nothing more than a collection of leaked codes of several people.
  14. simple, you can add a function to call the time jump and / or speedhack ex: function jumptime() gg.timeJump("1:0:0") -- jumptime for 1h(3600 s) gg.toast("time jumped 1h) end -- function speedx5() gg.setSpeed(5.0) --speedhack 5x gg.toast("speedhack on 5x") end
  15. Lenn1

    Server sided game

    more of the same, the answer is obvious, the storage is server-side, for all the values you see are dumped, the few data you send to the server has an authenticity check based on the values you originally had. then any anomaly is discarded and reloaded the original data (which are the ones you should have at the moment). Even changing devices, you are just downloading data and even if you change, the server will synchronize with the values they have in the database. formerly, in mid-2012, there was (but not for certain purposes) the "charles proxy", which was nothing more than a local proxy, where you could intercept the packets and edit, thus deceiving the server. but things have changed, and it does not work as easily as before, but who knows, right? sorry my bad english
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