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  1. I liked the way you didn't mention the game, I will adopt this strategy to make some guides like yours, I know several server side games that my cheats work for!
  2. The samsung safe folder is not a virtual space, it is what I think, but a "place" where you hide files, folders and application shortcuts. and yet, games managed by tencent detect virtual spaces. examples of them are COD and PUBG. there are several applications of modified virtual spaces for these games, just search on google.
  3. Try erase all folder "com.activision.callofduty.shooter" in your storage, and make steps previously Sorry for bad english
  4. this information and attributes are on the server side, and there's nothing you can do but hack servers... XD Anyway, it's "impossible"
  5. Lenn1

    How to make HWID Lock

    How to make HWID Lock (#1y1vct7i)
  6. use xposed, download from the repository any application that edits and / or hides your IMEI / MEID.
  7. you have been banned on the device, your imei / id is blacklisted, you must modify to bypass
  8. Lenn1

    Game is closed

    Arena of Valor has good protection, some of the best in the market. even with root the gg app will still be detected because the application in question has a debugger docked in it that detects any scan in its memory. but there are hacks for this game, but not for free and the methods used for such a feat are closed and VIPs.
  9. Lenn1

    G-presto hates me

    I'm also Brazilian, and the rule here is to speak only English. And another, you will hardly find other forums with this type of content, if it exists, will be closed. Anyway, your problem is the lack of root in the system, because although the gg application works without root, it is limited. But we also can not guarantee that it will not be detected even with root, since hiding the gameguardian is a very difficult task, that the DEVs try a lot with each update, but still fails and does not work 100%. My tip is: root on your device and be happier, use the best of the gg app today, and it will look better tomorrow to make it easier for you.
  10. The values edited by you are only visual, since the actual data is on the server, and you can not change that ...
  11. This is because the game is server-side, the memory with values and attributes you want to edit will become garbage when editing them, because there are scans before sending to the server because the data needs integrity, it does not match the information that is in the servers database, then the memory would unload and become and trash. I may be wrong, of course, but that's what I think.
  12. Lenn1

    Hacking rare currencies

    you just have a known value of sweets, diamonds and gold to make a search, these values are close to each other, simple ... but the greater the value of gold and diamonds, the more accurate is the search for sweets (mints) since which I have at least 1. example: 5 mins 500 diamonds 10,000 gold coins in the format dword: 5D; 500D; 10000D: 512 depending on the current value you have, the results may be accurate with few results in the search, but tb may appear hundreds and thousands
  13. Lenn1

    Hacking rare currencies

    I forgot that I would buy with 1 gold coin, instead I used 1 diamond xD if you are buying some rare plant, just make an orderly purchase in a slightly different format: 0 diamonds for transaction 0 mins for transaction 0 gold coins for transaction x the value in USD $ on the float in range thus: 0 Dword 0 Dword 0 Dword x Float (x = value in USD $ of the plant) in my test the value of a plant costs $ 4.99 USD then the ordered search is like this: 0D; 0D; 0D; 4.90F~5.00F :: 13 the search will result in several values, but simply filter only the 0 and edit everything to 1, and of course, cost 1 diamond. after you purchase, you can roll back the edit and sync the cloud.
  14. Lenn1

    Hacking rare currencies

    on my test machine (x86), the cheating media is allocated in C (C_ALLOC). the game is simple and easy to cheat, I did not see any encryption in the values. but remembering that I use x86 architecture and may be different from armabi-v7 etc. come on: do the search in the C alloc region only, with the game open in the store, for example, let's buy coins, it's a transaction via gplay. in my country, the value of the transaction of 350,000 coins is $ 379.90 BRL, the value of $ 1 USD = 3.80 BRL! then using the calculation for conversion 379.90 / 3.80 = 99.97 USD approximately. The game needs a Dword value above 0 to validate a transaction, and items like golds, diamonds and mints are set to 0, they are discarded for use in the transaction and some function calls the gplay transaction. coming back, I want to buy 350,000 gold coins with the same gold coin, but with less value. my search will be in this format: 350000 coins 0 diamonds for transaction 0 mins for transaction 0 gold for transaction $ 99.97 transaction value gplay I discovered that the transaction value $ 99.97 is a float value. then our search will be in this orderly search format: 350000 Dword 0 Dword 0 Dword 0 Dword $ 99.98 Float Resulting in: 350000D; 0D; 0D; 0D; 99.96F~99.99F :: 17 Sorry for bad english. I hope you understand what I said.
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