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  1. yes, some time ago i edited these mod menu in FREE FIRE, but for that i first had to have access to it and activate the options and looking at changes in the memory ... it is nothing more than LIB injection, but "undetectable" until a time, but the Banishing is always right ... for me.
  2. Try search values in float, double...
  3. thanks, I'm glad for the help
  4. the application in question is Chinese, but it is very good, mainly to remove local game bans, it has worked for me and others in the free fire game. but it has not yet been optimized by our dear Enyby, and I and others wanted this optimization. thank you in advance! 双开大师.apk
  5. the video is very good, a pity that for famous games it is easy to detect (free fire, pubg, cod), at least in my tests here ... but it works very well in simple games
  6. google play no longer provides the two armv7 and x86 libraries in the apk ppr size reason i think, it is one or the other as shown in your build.prop try downloading the apks over the web with other forms of choice to download desired architecture
  7. the script is for game guardian mod, does not work in the original version ... and be careful, there are malicious scripts for this mod apk
  8. you can use the app at your own risk, you should know that, when using modified values in games, whether by dbg, memory modifiers, apk mod, mod menu etc ... you know that one time or another the baniment will come , nothing is 100% secure, this goes for free and paid tools.
  9. Lenn1

    Help in Scripting

    Use the script recording tool in the game guardian app, it is very practical! then you open the .lua file and copy the main code to your custom script with menus and bla bla bla. the tool freezes, saves and restores the values. after that just "study" the codes and see how the LUA works
  10. Lenn1

    Help in Scripting

    if the game is on the server side, there is no way to modify it, as any edition will force synchronization and the edited memory will be dumped. and the amounts due will be loaded in another memory location.
  11. use the script recording tool in the game guardian app itself ...
  12. virtual spaces and the game guardian app in "no ROOT" mode do not always work well for reasons related to Firmware ...
  13. Let’s say you’ve tested other virtual spaces and you’ve been successful, because octopus works well in most ROMS and FIRMWARE (sometimes it’s better than many other virtual spaces). the version you're using. the tip is to try to use the game guardian after its automatic reinstallation to hide with random package name, and not the game guardian installed in the first native installation.
  14. Tencent detects the game guardian app, there are some ways that are not 100% effective, but that you should try ... search right here on the "sudoHIDE" forum. It is always good to remember that virtual spaces are easily detected by games, and being dependent on that mode without root on the device is frustrating.
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