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  1. yes its hilarious god forbid you ever run a business of some kind you would run it right into the ground, anyway buh bye
  2. @CmP @Revoxtical @saiaapiz @TopGEOYT @noblack @Krojzanovic @Rastakiwiand all those i forgot to mention, hey guys its been fun but my time here has come to an end, after months of Enyby updating GG and his compiler to bypass my security measures along with spiteful retaliation of deleting my launcher (the most popular currently updated script on the site) for his inability to do what he claimed anyone could to protect their scripts. I dont have time for people that create a problem then get angry when someone is forced to find a solution, I simply built upon the work of others just like Enyby does every time he makes an update to GG a app that already was around before he came along.... Anyway if anyone needs to contact me for any reason feel free to hit me up on telegram https://t.me/BadCaseDotOrg Take care guys and remember make sure you dont make anything too popular lest you catch the wrath of the overlord for drawing attention away from him, all hail Enyby our great and insecure leader.....
  3. BadCase


    lets use a tiny bit of common sense why is the icon replaced? so when installed along side regular GG there isnt the confusion of having 2 sets of icons that look exactly the same why is the website changed? so if users encounter errors that result from my modification you wont waste your time dealing with their issues... I know man its terrible am I right?
  4. BadCase


    you mentioned the work of others earlier, you realize you are not the original coder and that every single thing you do is based on the work of others right?
  5. BadCase


    Hmm you mean you wouldn't have noticed if you weren't reading my private messages like some kind of stalker? you have had an unhealthy obsessions with me before i ever modded GG and I really dont understand why, but between you specifically coding features to bypass my security measures and stalking my inbox its fairly obvious
  6. BadCase


    Yup as I said you were right it was in a video or 2 again those are not public scripts and there is no link anywhere to the modded GG but hey its cool bro, you keep chasing of the people that contribute to the popularity of GG whats 400,000 users (er downloads) most of which had never even heard of GG before i wrote my Pacybits and fifa scripts Be mad all you want the plain and simple fact remains, my Mod Revos mod, all current mods only exist because you went out of your way to make it simple for people to steal the work of others, your last update was a step in the right direction but something tells me you only made that update so you would feel more justified once you deleted my script
  7. BadCase


    I replaced the link to the site so users do not bother you for support of a modded Game Guardian regardless not once did I ever so much as mention it on this site nor did i require any regular users to use or install it, heck the only way people even know about it is if they are a donor and the only reason it became necessary was because you intentionally went out of your way to make it so users can easily steal my scripts which is blatantly obvious by our previous conversation and the fact that you had an old version of my launcher installed and on hand when that conversation took place. EDIT: ok i looked through and i was wrong it was in a video oh well
  8. I responded to this question in the ticket you filed on my site, have to walk on eggshells here, I am sure Enyby is itching for an excuse to ban me....
  9. BadCase


    Ya Enyby deleted my launcher (the most popular script on the site BTW) I am currently deciding if I should switch all of my scripts over to donor only, in the meantime you can contact me on my site after making an account there https://badcase.org/ or contact me on my new telegram group https://t.me/BadCaseDotOrg and I will get you a copy of the launcher script
  10. I will look at Brawl Stars again soon, at the moment I am deciding whether or not to switch all of my scripts over to being Donor Only, you can create an account at my website and send me a message there and ill send you the link there
  11. It appears as though Enyby has deleted my script launcher
  12. i have a interesting experiment that we can do, you can write and encode a script in a fashion that makes it impossible for a user to steal it and post it here and we can see how long it takes for users to post an unencrypted version of the script, it should be pretty simple for you to write one that cant have the code stolen...
  13. you have it setup so that a user can save the entire unencrypted code of any loaded script to a archive, it doesnt matter how its written....
  14. what a silly question, why on earth would you want to protect your hard work from a bunch of cut and paste script theives..... did you catch the sarcasm there sorry if your looking to secure your hard work against theft you wont find the ability to do that in stock GG as a matter of fact in the last few months numerous updates have been made to allow the easier theft of your hard work so its kinda going the exact opposite direction that script coders are looking for but hey it makes the thieving script kiddies happy and they are the life blood of GG..... yup you guessed it that last sentence was sarcasm again
  15. This is not the place for getting help with my Donor scripts, please come by the Telegram server for help https://t.me/BadCaseDotOrg
  16. BadCase


    If you get 2 results and you only want the second one then when you getResults do it like this results = gg.getResults(1, 1) this will return one result and skip the first result in the list
  17. ok i was wrong about the fuzzy search part but i figured out the cause of the lifetime cash method not working. the issue seems to be related to restoring a game from an online save, i just helped a user of my script who had 17,000,000 showing for lifetime cash in his popout menu but it was stored as 14,000,000 in memory he had restored an account that already had 3,000,000 cash now the hack was working for him at first but then for some reason it stopped not sure what exactly triggered the issue after he had already been using the script successfully But anyways ill get to the point, do a fuzzy dword search earn some cash in a race refine by pressing the "More" button and entering the amount of cash you just got, then press the button that says "N = O+D" you may see the value right away it will be the amount shown in your games popout menu for lifetime cash - the cash from the restored account when you find it write down the difference between the values somewhere and from now on when you want to modify currency and keys you search for (or enter in my script if using it) lifetime cash - difference
  18. Well before I had donor scripts I spent all day helping people and pissing off the wife, now that I have a little bit of money coming in for my time and was able to get things we needed like a vacuum cleaner that works and some kitchen knives sharp enough to cut she doesnt mind me spending all day helping people. What i get for my time is the equivalent to the wages of a third world sweat shop worker most days
  19. Don't worry you arent doing anything wrong you just happen to be unlucky and probably are having the same issues others have had from CSR2. For some reason out of the blue all 3 search methods that work on pretty much every device out there will stop working, even doing a fuzzy search and obtaining some cash then refining wont find the lifetime cash for these users. I will let you know if i ever figure out the issue
  20. BadCase

    Please Explain

    Start with reading this https://gameguardian.net/help
  21. You figuring you how to do a hack on your own is all about the freedom, him getting something for his time and effort is the only thing making sure he spends more time and effort updating it or writing new ones later.
  22. BadCase

    A scripting question

    You can make it reopen the dialog but it will still close for a second
  23. oh but seriously the script uses the makeRequest method https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#ad020d50d3af0a36733e0cbc231055c55 to retrieve the content of the script from a webserver and then return load(content)() to run that content as a script
  24. Well that all depends on which of his scripts your talking about, if its the one that he sold passwords to that were hard coded in the script to say no more uses left for the password no matter if the password had ever been used before, or possibly his fake urban script (that might have actually been the same one) I am sure he uses a similar method to the one found in my launcher after all he seems to attempt to emulate me in most things, but hey that ebook is a novel idea, amazing that he can teach you to write scripts for android AND ios when there isnt even a way to run a script on ios.....
  25. There is no need to use parallel space in Nox Player, simply open its setting check the root box and restart the emulator to enable root access
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