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  1. Dear mr @Enyby I try to hack higgs domino slot, when rolling it give same slot, but the result not same when the rolling stop.. ? So where the problem? Its like not intecept the result .. [added 1 minute later] But result give other slot? Could you help me mr @Enyby
  2. Could you repost it? Because it Doesnt showup.. Many thanks
  3. Dear mr @NoFear would you help me ? As in the picture you can see i can edit my weapon status.. Thats using nearby value, but some status i cant found in the nearby value, especially value with %, so would you help me to find it? And I have some question to too ,maybe related , or not.. I think status with % have basic value.. For example in the picture move power -7%, then the result if i equip that weapon must be [basic value x (-7%)] So the question is how i cant find my basic value because that not showed? And another question is, how the common way to find right value for offset ? Maybe some value not too far, but i miss that... Thank you so much..
  4. And of course, after found your formula.. Im done with next merchant too.. Really gratefull you teach me..
  5. Thanks alot, btw how you found? You start with fuzzy or just make random number,cz i've been search float 80;20::5 but didnt make it.. Dont know must add four 0 behind.. Thats more important to know Hahaha..
  6. Omg.. Never hesitate.. You always make me wonder.. How could you..? I am very2 apreciated.. Please teach me.. I mean the way a geniuses thinking.. How everything works ,from you posted before thats too hard for me to learn every point and applying thats,already tried to mhst(monster hunter stories)but i have my limitation.. Hahaha.. So could you teach me how yourworks? So you can edit that gunsmith chance to get 100% legendary. So later maybe i could applying on other games.. Hahaha
  7. So lets take a sample with my game recelty B2B https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dawinstone.b2be&hl=en_US So spesifically i asking about what or which parameter that can be using to edit the drop rate, lets say i kill zombie on the first land and got common gear, and i kill again and got rare gear, i cant figure it out which value that related with drop rate. that first question.. Then.. In game we have gunsmith, that have chance get 80% commont gun and 20% rare,And we have to pay for 100 gold. i started with value that related like 100 gold but got nothings value related. Try grup searching 80% and 20% but got nothing related. i am using percentage value searching with insrtuction in FAQ on GG help tap but got nothing because too many result or else.. So could you help me understanding how drop rate or gacha work.. I am very apreciated..
  8. Nice topic but low response.. We have same curious.. I hacked game bad2bad (B2B) extinction recently.. And i wonder if someone know about hacking drop rate methode.. And im sure almost all game have drop rate. Or something similar like Gacha on spining wheel. It will be nice if we can edit the "chances" and get top drop rate. So maybe its time to summon almighty @NoFear and ask to teach us some lesson.. :XD
  9. I found with basic exact search,(tap help menu in GG for complete tutorial) Just input your (number)gold, select known dword ,search value in GG ,and then kill some zombies to get gold drop , and search new gold value again, repeat until found right value.. After you found gold value, goto address and gem value will be 7 or 8 below gold value.. Note: gold and gem Value are NOT encrypted so you suppose to be find easily, because value in the GG exactly same with the number displayed in the game.
  10. You can edit burst speed+reload time+range I already tried make A powerfull shotgun as fast a mp5 and range as ak. I thinks that helpfull since shotgun make zombie move backwards, and projetiles are spreading. make grup search from range and reload value. just use auto, because range using dword and reload using float.. You will find less then 6, use increment,and you got it,. Then from that you can edit some of value like durabilty etc. But its not permanent, when the game close status will be reset. So @SilentGrip , how you find value for a legendary item dude ? Still looking for value with % , like mission,drop rate, accuracy,move power. Maybe you could tell me ?
  11. As far as i know they can find most value with unknown value search,need time and patience. sorry but they are geniuses from another planet, im not on that level..hahaha But for more precisely you can make another topic to discussion in this forum and mention famous name like @NoFear. With some luck Maybe some of them drop in.
  12. I am not prettysure but I think you can do that, GG its a powerfull tools, just try with some effort.. As long as not serverside.. You could edit enemy hp or else.. Just try dude.. Hahaha bytheway. I dont play this game anymore.. Just curious with how much i can push my luck with GG,
  13. You could make a torch as powefull as sword. Just swap your item to panel then you could edit other item without any further search. happy gaming.
  14. Second. This explain you for make certain combination to choose the BUFF TYPE. Look the dword value from marking number 3-7, I marking it in the green box. Value in the Green box is consist from two part, 2first digit determine TYPE BUFF, then 2last digit determine level buff. For example numer 3rd, the dword value is 3210. Which means.. First two digit is 32, I got buff SPEED Last two digit is 01, so i got the buff LEVEL 1. So i will got buff SPEED1. if you got 3 digits, like 905 It means buff number 9(demon hunter)with level 5. NB. The digit type start from 4 until about 40. Sorry i forgot how many. You can try by yourself. And maximum level is different every TYPE BUFF, from 1-5. When you overlimit its become blank.
  15. I'll explain you step by step First. This is value from 8th panel ( use encrypted dword methode for find it) Then goto value, you will find this picture i marking with yellow number Look the Dword value from marking number. NUMBER 1. Is the quantity value from 8th panel thats encrypted NUMBER 2. Is value that will give THE SLOT for fill with buff status you need, its write 5 because i will give my item 5 different buff, its maximum 5 anyway. NUMBER 3-7. Is dword value that give you TYPE BUFF that you need. Its combined,i'll explain to you separately.
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