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  1. Bro check ur telegram. Nika
  2. Hello sir. Sorry for noise u i tried private message but failed . I saw u have experience about making GG scripts and decrypt it... i have script for hacking pupg but it date expired. I change my phone date to April to load the script. I need ur help to get some values of that script.. only 2 things. ANTIBAN bypass for kr version. And less recoil v2 ... Anyway to get this values from that script and put it in New script 1 click to execute both of it.. Anyway pupg almost patched all the address of the values but this 2 values working perfectly.
  3. Any update about hacking it or news????
  4. Yes useful for me, thank you so much for the observation. But i don't know much about hex. I know Just the address and the values i search for it .
  5. The distance between the address in hex is 13 . That what 13 mean . (4 address ) offset
  6. I know but you still need speed for hack coins and gems but no worries. We got bored of this game @Enyby how can the game bypass speed hack. It's possible!!
  7. Eliud They updated it. Now game bypass speed hack. ??
  8. Hahaha okay no problem. You can try. How old are you? _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Yes Mega hack. You are good too. Congratulations. But sf2 not like this sick game Hack the rank. I feel you are very proud
  9. Sf2 is harder than this sick game ? I tried almost everything to hack shadow but no luck ..
  10. Try to remove ur sim card and use vpn and wipe play store data. That will help maybe....
  11. The both address that we search for them above utf16 search not like no fear. I think we need the value of the price in usd or something like that. Really disappointed. I feel shame to ask him again! At least it's helpful from his free time not paid thing to do that
  12. You need to use both. I tried that but no luck to find the pointer. My country amount is EGP 129.99 it gave me 50 results. Painful
  13. Okay no problem. This mode for the games won't start when using gg or for games that fc after changing the values
  14. Hello boss Sorry for that. I don't know where to report a problem with gg Restart the game without protection cause hot reboot !!. My device s7edge with custom stock rom.?
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