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  1. wnd

    Horde Defense

    heh yeah youtube is utter garbage. Unfortunately im not awear of anything that has youtubes functionality / channels etc... *edit* actually for a temp solution hows about liveleak?
  2. No rush man, been busy busy with horde defense!
  3. wnd

    Horde Defense

    Ah awesome NoFear, Thanks a heap for your time once again!
  4. wnd

    Horde Defense

    Na your right mate, Awesome work and thanks for the backup help youve provided!. I shall go and muck around with root explorer and try to give it write permission. INterestingly, adding the .so to the /data/data/ path, alowed somethign to work. Anyway Thanks again for your time! hope your weekend is awesome! *edit* ok, i cleared my system of anything horde defense related. multiple locations of apk an d lib files also a savegame. reinstalled yoru modded apk and it seems to be working fine. i can upgrade with no rpblems at all, however i dont have any gems like you do in the main screen. i can live without those lol. Thanks agian for your time, have a great weekend! ps: want to try THIS ? i have a bounty on it :D
  5. wnd

    Horde Defense

    *EDIT* oh forgot to mention that im doing this on bluestacks... sorry if that makes a difference :S Its strange, i now have it loading fine, However any gems i earn always cycle back to zero, i cant buy anything through the gem store and the game is constantly trying to add 12 gem and remove it. I had to use the second method you proscribed. I added the .so from yoru modded apk to the /data/data/com.ngmob.game.hd/lib/ (overwriting the original file there) But apon investigation im now thinking you were telling me to add the .so from your modded apk to the /data/app/com/ngmob.game.hd-2.apk (which i cant do) one more thing, those screenies you put up... in the top one, i only have the first 3 options in my lucky patcher (running lucky patcher version 6.6.5) in the second one, i havent been able to find anyo that so im going to assume that is uret patcher right? *edit* ingame i have unlimited energy, that is awesome thanks ! but the unlimited gems bit... thats not working for me.. just sits at 1 gem, so i i cant afford anything, wont let me 'buy' gems and anything i earn constantly reverts back to 1
  6. wnd

    Horde Defense

    Alright, i spoke too soon. I cant install the apk. Well, i can but i cant launch the game. Is there anything i need to do to get this working?
  7. wnd

    Horde Defense

    Wow! this thread blew up! Many thanks to everyone here, i greatly appreciate the help! @ SubSeven how on EARTH did you do that!
  8. wnd

    Horde Defense

    @Anonymous1000 Your a mans man! A mans mans man. More importantly while firm and masculine, your hand is as soft as velvet child. What lotion do you use? ps: Thank you
  9. wnd

    Horde Defense

    Holy mother of god. The values change every second and a half. no wonder i cant find anything to edit, they must be linked to the clock. Wonder if this can help somehow...
  10. ah soorry dude, it was 9pm at night for me, wasnt thinking
  11. alright, i just had a try at the ingame wood thingy with no luck. Can you please explain how you did it?
  12. ooh that sounds promising! must admit, im even weaker with hex editing than i am with xor....
  13. wnd

    Horde Defense

    i put this up against castle defense td2 in terms of difficulty to hack, but it seems that im the only one who plays this
  14. hmmmm no takers? maybe a bump will help? pls pls pls, help
  15. Link to Google Play Store: Linky Alright enough is enough. I have gone through the thread for the first game: linky And tried every method @NoFear has posted on his yt channel and every other method in every tutorial video ive ever seen for this game. I am now offering a bounty. I will DOUBLE my donation to this site if an admin/mod/creator can crack this one for me, however i will TRIPLE my donation to this site if its a user (user power!) game on peoples!
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