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  1. Deadlox03

    Eternal City

    @NoFear can you help me here i try to change price in the shops it change but still cant buy it any help would appreciate it.
  2. Deadlox03

    Im just curious

    Whats the difference between the GG nox apk and GG apk?? Whats their difference?
  3. Hey guys needs some help in this game. If someone would waste their time on this game to search if its possible to try change/edit some values or change stats of character/items. Heres some pics thats i want to change/edit a values:
  4. Ohh i dont knwo how to search a septendecillion. Try edit the value while ur still in 1st egg (white egg the 0.25 value maybe your on higher egg style so the gifts is so much high try this egg) so u can start editing while its still in lower value if its your egg value is high then its hard to edit it cause theres so many number to search. I use my method while i was still on lowest egg value so the gifts box its still maybe to 100-30000+ i can get easily to search and edit thats all my friend
  5. Nah men i think theres no scripts like that cause every game has many different value to edit or to search some hard to search/edit becuase you need to search it manually to know the steps or know the value so you can make a scripts aahhh I dont know if this thing i said is true. Just want to help men
  6. Help me i edit some value nothing show up and... This parts work Skill Cooldown value edit it to 0 but its so lag maybe because i have low spec phone i dont know can anyone help me or know any method how to hack this online game. The game size is 1GB+ The game Released on May 8 2019 Thanks in advanced
  7. Its easy when you got a package of money dont claim it first... click it first so you may know how much the value is... theres a brown box in your right side click it and check how much the value is and search E:DOUBLE how much the money value of the brown box and edit to 1.23e200 and when you claim it... Boom you got a tons of money that works with the gold eggs too when the brown box on the right side has gold eggs gifts inside cheeck value and edit it to 18000000000000 so you can claim it.... And thats all hope you know now.. Oh use "Keyboard: External" so you can use the small "e" letter.... And thats it for the method i know sir sorry for my bad english
  8. How you edit the gold egg pls pls i know the money the golden egg is the thing i need to know please???!?!
  9. Lies about 1.000.000 everyday its 400+ everymin and boring game its pay to advance f**king game
  10. Yesss im waiting for this every day to updated now its out but... The game will update soon i saw on their discord i wish your script is updated when the game updated again thnks turbosjoker.
  11. Update the script please the game updated to 1.11.2 please ASAP im using ur script always
    Sir update the script the game has patched it ease update ur script
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