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  1. Starting Again with Main Hero's Stats
  2. Starting again with 99,999 Resources Continuation of our Data Structure using 0~~0 Range Search
  3. Starting again with 500 Town Halls This will show you how to use various searches
  4. I'm learning new things too from what you post, the Group Items was really helpful because it reminded me of how I used Cheat Engine and how better to use Game Guardian. When I first came to this board you were teaching us Group Items and how to look for DWORDs around the value someone was looking for, in that case Job Tickets. Since then I'm using a Search with 7;96;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 7 is the flag for Job Tickets 96 is the flag for ticket Items 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number before the QTY QTY is the Job Tickets I have 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number after the QTY When we subtract those huge numbers we are left with the QTY The other flags for tickets are 8 Equipment Ticket 9 Facility Ticket 10 Item Ticket 11 Friend Ticket So as soon as we unlock the Job Tickets, which is when we reach Level 3 Town hall, we are given 3 Job tickets, so we can immediately search 7;96;0~~0;3;0~~0::20 We are searching for 5 DWORDs, each DWORD has 4 bytes so thats 5 x 4 = 20 bytes As we have no Equipment Tickets we can search 8;96;0~~0;0;0~~0::20 Some other interesting Group Items when they unlock 66 Bronze Trophy;2152 67 Silver Trophy;2152 68 Gold Trophy;2152 69 Kairo Grail;2152 70 Crown of Courage;2152 Search for Flag;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 QTY is the number you have or zero if you have none Crown of Courage 70;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 Crown Of Courage unlocks as soon as you open a Chest with it
  5. You can change the Reward Type as long as the item has been unlocked. Just some added information 39;25;9::12 39 is the Total Number of Materials you need to search for 25 is the quantity of the Award 9 is the quantity of the Materials you found, this will be zero if you haven't started the quest ; seperates the values you are looking for :: is an ordered search meaning that 39 will be first, then 25 then 9 12 is the range of bytes you want to search A DWORD is 4 bytes, so I'm searching for the values in a 3 DWORD Range, or basically one after the other These need confirmation, they are a work in progress Briefing Room Data Syntax DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Action for Daily Quest (0 in this case for Materials) DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown 0 This is the part I was using an ordered search for DWORD 39 Total Quantity need to Complete Daily Quest (Points) DWORD 25 Quantity of REWARD you will get DWORD 9 Current Quantity you have done, change this to Total Quantity to complete Daily task DWORD Unknown 1 DWORD Unknown 4 DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown -1 DWORD Unknown 30 DWORD Unknown 1000 DWORD Reward Type (0 in this case for Diamonds) DWORD Unknown DWORD Unknown Action for Daily Quest Values Although you can change these, it's better to leave them as their own because you can just complete the Daily Task by changing the current quantity. 0 - Materials 1 - Copper 2 - Caves 3 - Harvest 4 - Caves 5 - Collect Sturdy Boards 6 - Caves 7 - Invite friends to conquest 8 - Invite friends to conquest 9 - Defeat Monsters 10 - Defeat Monsters 11 - Defeat Monsters And so on Reward Type You can only get rewards when items are unlocked, so Tickets, Bronze, Silver and Gold has to be unlocked 0 - Diamonds 1 - Grass 2 - Wood 3 - Food 4 - Ore 5 - Mystic Ore 6 - Energy 7 - Job Ticket 8 - Equipment Ticket 9 - Facility Ticket 10 - Item Ticket 11 - Friend Ticket 12 - Bronze Coins 13 - Silver Coins 14 - Gold Coins 15 - Diamonds (Use 0 instead)
  6. So my initial test with freezing the Address above the value you find for the Tickets and freezing the Address below seems to have worked
  7. Just a Continuation of the Ticket Test.... I might freeze the Top Address and the Address below it to see if that has any long term affect, but I'll do that tomorrow unless someone else wants to try it.
  8. I just figured how to do it but with a New Game You will need at least 3 Tickets Search for 3 - Use a Ticket Refine for 2 - Use a Ticket Refine for 1 You might have a few Entries for 1 left GOTO those addresses with 1 then freeze the Address above it. The more Tickets you start with the better There's a Job Ticket in the chest with the Trophy Room which is north of your starting position, making it 4 which is a better number to start searching with. Just a note, this value will change if you exit the screen
  9. Yep that's the main problem with tickets as there isn't any sure fire method so you may as well use a MOD APK which also is broken
  10. Stats Ordered Searching The quickest method to start your Stat's Ordered Search is by looking for the values for Vigor, MP and HP But before you do that, you will need to deduct any bonuses from Equipment to get to the value we want to search for - Click List Icon - Click on a Character - Click on Equipment At the bottom of the screen you will see how much bonuses your equipment gives to different stats Vigor, MP and HP Ordered Search * Remember to deduct any Equipment bonuses Search using Current Vigor;Maximum Vigor*;Current MP;Maximum MP*;Current HP;Maximum HP*:: Just as we had Flags for Resources, we also have them for these Stats, so use them as a guide when making Changes 12D Vigor 11D MP 10D HP GOTO Vigor By now you should know how to use GOTO so let's start at Vigor, then scroll up This time we are looking for the other Stats, the Flags for those come in handy so look for them as the value after them will be the one you want to change 22D Heart 21D Move 20D Gather 19D DEX 18D INT 17D Unknown Seems to be a Level 1 - 99 16D LUCK 15D SPD 14D DEF 13D ATK By scrolling upwards you will first find the ATK value, then DEF, SPD and so on We could do an Ordered Search for the other 9 stats but if they all had bonuses it would just be a pain So just go through and change what you need to.
  11. B417A178 - Change to what quantity of the Group Item, Ticket or Building you want BA17A17C - This is the value that was found when it was Searched B417A180 - Change this to zero
  12. Ordered Searching If you know how the data is arranged in the Memory you can try to do an Ordered Search. An Ordered Search is looking for a Group of values that are in sequential order, each value is seperated by a semi-colon (;) with the last value followed by a double colon (::) Resource Searches The Resource Data appears in this order Mystic Ore; Mystic Ore Storage; Ore; Ore Storage; Food; Food Storage; Wood; Wood Storage; Grass; Grass Storage:: I've included the Storage Value as the more values you look for the better the results, also you will probably want to change the Storage to a high value A New Game has these values 5 Mystic Ore - Current 25 Mystic Ore Storage 10 Ore - Current 25 Ore Storage 20 Food - Current 25 Food Storage 20 Wood - Current 25 Wood Storage 20 Grass - Current 25 Grass Storage So you would do an Ordered Search with these values, using DWORD 5;25;10;25;20;25;20;25;20;25:: From my test I ended up with an extra 5 at the beginning which I deleted (it's actually the Flag for Mystic Ore), the remaining 10 entries I changed to 99999 using the button next to the Search Icon or magnifying glass Flags Above each Current Resource Value there will be a number, this is a Flag for that Block of Resource Data which can improve your searches if you need to narrow it down even more Resource Flags 5D Mystic Ore or just the number 5 if you are searching using it 4D Ore 3D Food 2D Wood 1D Grass Using GOTO to find the Town Hall Level and Max Level You can start by clicking on the Address for Grass or Grass Storage, Do an Ordered Search for 1D;Current Grass Value;Grass Storage:: if you need to find it Next hit the GOTO button Scroll Down and you should see the 23D flag which will be followed by your Town Hall's current Level and the Max Level which is 99 TOWN Hall Data DWORD Address 23D - Flag DWORD Address 1D - Town Hall Current Level, this will be your Town Hall Rank DWORD Address 99D - Town Hall Max Level, unless changed it will be 99 DWORD Address 0D - Might be for All Town Hall Ranks, it's zero for me DWORD Address 0D - Unknown DWORD Address 1D - Unknown DWORD Address -1D - Unknown DWORD Address Current XP of Town Hall DWORD Address XP Cap before levelling If you change your current Town Hall Level to 1, then change your Current XP to 100 and the XP Cap to 100 you can then upgrade Start your Upgrade then Quickly go back and change your Current Town Hall Level to any you want Land Expansions are automatic in sets of 10s, so at Level 90 you will get the maximum Land Expansion but if you lower it to level 1 then you will have no Land Expansion.
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