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  1. hey d2.. i did wat instruction tells.. bit i cnt make this game work..
  2. this are the images.. but i dunno know how can i details u how to be kewl of this images can be.. >.> luffy zoro sasuke naruto P.S. sorry for large images >.>
  3. oh w8... images are changing when uploaded on imageshack..
  4. hello dyno i will provide images of those 4 anime chars... ^^,
  5. i think.. mid left & right are both luffy or u mde chnges?
  6. wow dyno its kewllll.. tnx for this.. the 3rd one on fb covers is what i like hihi...
  7. i duno what size it fitz for facebook T_T fitting cover there is irritating... ohhh yea.. btw cn make a siggy too? same detaild but different design the size same as urs? but.. i can w8 for the siggy even it will took days.. i am thanking now on you very much
  8. im sorry dyno for mking a post like that... T_T i got my old topic on this category... i made request there hehe... and sorry im not creative so i made a topic not that complete...
  9. no one likes to make my req. T_T better to reply rather waiting for nothing...
  10. huhu anyone wanna make me a gfx the one i made topic here?
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