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  1. No it resets so you have to do it each time you do a dungeon
  2. You need to change bin file 21 and 36 after each dungeon fight to keep your high Atk and HP what you do is have file explorer installed then open it go to data/ data dragon and puzzles. Click on it look for bin file 21 hold down on it till it show 3 or 4 options click the bottom one you will see xs in the rows read wright and execute. The only ones that should be with xses is read do that for bin file 36 as well.
  3. Dose not work for tablets I tried it.. I turn my WiFi off apply patch lunch glu game and nothing
  4. The best why to keep it working is to minimize the game then go to were you put the bin Files. Click on bin file 21 click wright then in click it do it for bin file 36. Go back to the game if done right you should only take 1hp damage and your atk should be high. BTW you must do it after each dungeon.
  5. Will thay stay after I uninstall it to play online again or will thay reset
  6. Dumb question but dose it change for only the user or for every one I mean what I put I what I only see or dose every one
  7. Sorry bud it looks like crap should change it back. Why change what works
  8. Yea I think so I got sent back to main screen when I locked the two values
  9. After I search 3 what do I search next plz help
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place but I have a question... when you edit your team to have more players I get stuck at the steep were you search 3 what number do I searcth again if there are more then 3 or 4 values
  11. Do thay have to be 5* to do the trick or can I doit with any star card
  12. Im not sure I don't think the new mod is out yet
  13. Any one still edit the bin files for this game
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