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  1. gg.searchNumber('161401;161401;0;0;161401;161401;161402;161402;0;0;161402;161402;161767;161767;0;0;161767;161767;161768;161768;0;0;161768;161768;161769;161769;0;0;161769;161769;161811;161811;0;0;161811;161811;161840;161840;0;0;161840;161840')
  2. Add me TrappyScript#2870
  3. Sure, I am going to start a script for payback 2, join me and you can ask questions on the way
  4. Ok, I will start a project for a game called payback 2, maybe you will like to help?
  5. Doesnt work like that, addlisting values by number means to add thousands of values by number
  6. There is the script with hide script, If uou want I can improve it to make it more understandable. Also, im looking for someone to make a script for a game Ive been playing for a while and might ask if you wanted to join?
  7. How do I add list thousands of items/values, Ive seen this technique in different script for loggers
  8. , I thought here would be advanced gg coders, like you but I guess not, thx anyway
  9. GameCrasher

    help me please

    I dont know how to create lua files in function for so I did what I understood what you wanted in basic lua help me.lua
  10. I asked a friend and he said to hide values with b64 then hide base, hide function with double obfuscated string, add binary protection then convert to binary, how do I do that?
  11. How do I add anti log to my script?
  12. I mean, easier ways for searching values
  13. How can I make game guardian search for a random value?
  14. Does anyone have tips or tricks on searching values?
  15. How would I use else in a script, print('loadList:', gg.loadList('/sdcard/Download/Test.txt')) while false do gg.alert('test') end else while true do gg.alert('oof')
  16. I want gg to search for a random value, how do I do that?
  17. I have friends who wanna learn gg in basic lua but there is too much to tell, so yeah
  18. I thought there was a way to testfor files?
  19. I want to know how I can make gg serch for a file, if its there then go to the menu, if not go to gg alert.
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