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  1. Find Unique group search instead of using hex value. Use option in Game guardian.
  2. Hey Guys does anyone know how to make mod of any game. As if i Find the specific address of any value and then i edit it it stays but as we restart the game it revert backs execpt the coins value and other. So how can i modify the apk as whenever i install it then i doneed to change any value. Plz Tell anyone if anyone knows Plz tell me
  3. Send me video bro Whenever i try to dump and extract the code it gives error. Plz help
  4. Ya i want to onow too
  5. Hey guys can anyone decrypt this script For me plz.I have given down. As i dump all code and whenever try to extract it gives error. Plz tell me the way how to decrypt this script. Script is of game hide online HideOnlineGKiller_v13ENG.lua


    Hey guys i need help in this script to decrypt it. This script is online in which there R many mod menus Of games and there is a menu of hide online but if only script connects to internet then it loads the menu as the script data is stored on server. I want help in like if i want codes of that menu so how can i obtain it. As if it was encrypted offline then i was dump the codes. Public_Script.lua
  7. Code to Search = 6,212;65,537::25 Go to 6212 And select two values Edit two values to any dword +ve value between 100-1000 Screenrecorder-2020-06-21-13-40-56-692.mp4
  8. Uninstall the sudo hide and install it again. Repeat the step of going in taichi and select module of sudo hide.
  9. Bro there is a way but not works on all device. First go to google and search taichi Click on First link and Download taichi apk + module be sure u download both. Now go to magisk and go to modules. Click on add and select the taichi module flash it and rebbot device then install taichi apk. Download sudo hide apk version which only supports taichi. Now go to taichi and go to modules select sudo hide close it and open sudo hide now it should work. Other than this method u can hide gg in virtual space via u can also use root and enyby made already video on it. Download any virtual space. Add gg in it (u should not add game in it) After go in virtual space click on gg open it click on fix and choose root. Restart now gg is hided in virtual space. To use gg in game now run the game and open gg in virtual. Now game should appear in list on gg.But gg runs much laggier and slower as u use root in virtual.
  10. Bro then i doonno but may be other like nofear or any other should know but@NoFear is unactive From like more than a months otherwise he would reply for this. Give me the link of the game
  11. So Ur telling that u Find xor valur of diamonds but how u find that...? As u searched dword encrypted and should changed the diamong value to find xor key right...?
  12. Other than if u only change that 8 the value will be changed but u cannot use it. Also if it is not server sided then also i donno what encrytion method they R using so try they Fuzzy search with change and unchange method. Be patient coz it takes much time and the Result r less then Freeze every value to see weather gems value change.
  13. How u guys Find thw code of it plz tell i want to learn too
  14. ISHANT

    Help For game guardian

    Tje lastest gg version bro [added 0 minutes later] 97.0
  15. ISHANT

    Help For game guardian

    Bro u know why we use sudo hide apk like, coz it hide a specific app from other app and standoff 2 Will check every single app on our device amd if there is gg then launch will be blocked and when we unistall gg it will run as normal. So problem is that sudo hide apk need xposed framework and i can't install it coz each and every framework or android version has some problems in xpose.The app name taichi is simple to install and we can use sudo hide in it but its is no longer suppoerted.
  16. ISHANT

    Help For game guardian

    Bro i rooted already and it get still detected as we give storage permission to standoff 2
  17. Hey guys So whenever i open game guardian in standoff 2 game the standoff 2 game detect it and get closed. There is another way like instal any virtual app and use root in virtual. But game guardian runs much slower and laggier than usual. So i heard about sudo hide also installed it from taichi but it is no longer supported Does anyone have Any way to hide a app From another app like sudo hide and it is very useful. U need xpose module to have sudo hide and taichi won't work now Dies anyone know app or any other method with root access I will be glad if anyone know TY
  18. Can't understand whut ur saying Explain in better way
  19. No bro i can't find the values in the shop plz can u try
  20. So i tried the dword search of coin but also i find it and whenever i tried to edit it comes back to it's original Value. Then i tried Fuzzy Search And Finded this Value 841,757,194(always change as coin value change) I freeze this value and also it works. The coin value gets stuck but whenever i try to edit the game crashes or it shows some random character s at coin value. Plz Help anyone
  21. Hey guys there is Offline game am trying to hack but i can't Find values by encrypt or any type. So in tried fuzzy search by change and unchange so i Find a value which exactly change when coin value change but it's like encrypted and whenever i edit the game crashes Link of Game - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.refuelgames.rally
  22. Yes i know it bro but can u tell me use of anonymous range
  23. Bro first welcome to community or Family :) i have a simple question Can u tell me the game guardian have memory ranges like c++ java and there is also a anonymous memory range. so can u tell me Use of it...?
  24. @Emarkx Bro i do all the search and also i watched the all tutorials like upto 80% and will finish soon. Mostly i learn a lot From tutorials and i Just have diffuclty in one thing that if i got pointer of a specific value so how to find the encrypted value of it..? May be @NoFear know this but he's not active
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