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  1. @Emarkx Bro i do all the search and also i watched the all tutorials like upto 80% and will finish soon. Mostly i learn a lot From tutorials and i Just have diffuclty in one thing that if i got pointer of a specific value so how to find the encrypted value of it..? May be @NoFear know this but he's not active
  2. Can u plz help me, I want to clear some things in pointers. As i know that pointers r value which point towards a specific value in game but what if the value is encrypted. I just want to know that how to find that encrypted value if we get that specific pointer of that value...? As in a game zombie which is offline in which all values r in pointer so i tried to hack a specific value and also find a pointer of it but duno how to find that encrypted value of it. Plz anyone @Enyby@NoFear Or anyone else plz help me
  3. But what is use of anonymous range can u plz explain me
  4. Hey fuys can anyone plzzzzzzz help me plzzzz I am trying to hack world war polygon game which is actually online and i try to edit the gold to silver coin converter like we can change it and actually we can find the value. I searched fuzzy search in dword and i find the two values which were changing as they were changing look in screen shot. But whenever i freez it the gold to silver converter value also be freeze but it always changing. I freezed both value but not working I try to find like pointer of it with copying address and searching it but nothing found plz can anyone explain me why this is happening

    Help plz

    Hey guys can anyone explain me about memory ranges. What is use of anonymous code app and code system can anyone explain that will be great help to me
  6. Maybe ur saying that gg connects with internet but i think so whenever ur game guardian crashes it connects to internet. I think so it sends data of how it crashed so they can improve in upvoming update right...?
  7. Hey guys i have Just a simple Question How to know which memory range to select to a specific game..? By deafault there r 5 or 6 memory ranges default enabled. And also i want to know the use of anonymous memory range..? TY for repose
  8. Bro is it universal or when we restart game it's gone...?
  9. Can u plz tell me how u find it...?
  10. There is an encrypted Value Like example i get two result in encrypt search - 1253738377 (encrypt) 890 (Original coin value) i clicked on encrypted coz whenever i edit 890 it comes back to original again. So try to find xor key and clicked on encrypt value.clicked down and clicked on xor=??? Option, entered original coin value then clicked ok then the value pop up which i copied as xor key then i again edit encrypt value puted value as i want like 999999 and choosed cor key which i copied but still it's not exact it is much different as i edited.
  11. ISHANT

    Help plz

    Hi sir Can u plzz plz help me i have doubt When i search some dword value like example if there is value 67890 And in search result there i only one result and when i go to their address Like visiting value 67890 and exactly down 3 bytes there is 90 dword value like 67890D RandomD RandomD 90D Like this But when i search 67890;90::3 Ordered I can't get anything why...?:( Here 3 is the offset or distance between w address i want and is correct but i can't still get it plz help sir
  12. ISHANT

    Trials Frontier GAME

    HEY guys i have some problem. I am trying to get xor key but i can't get it. I can't understand the encryption algorithm in the game name trials frontier. I tried searvh diamond value in encrypted then also i hacked it but i can't add the specific number in diamonds. Example when i edit it to 99999999 The value is added is some like random 1243587529 and some times it gies in minus so also i tried to find xor key but i can't find it. When i search 1243587529 in encrypt I get two values( 1243587529(orignal value but can't edit or freeze) 90189904(encrypt but can edited ) And when the diamond value is changed then encrypt value also changed Like 1) 1243587529 90189904 2)time 1243587509 90181200 3)rd time 1243587489 90178640 All three times i claculated xor key but they r not similar Plz help
  13. Hey guys I Just hacked the coins of trial Frontier game but i cannot edit the exact value. The value is xor encrypted so i found it with encrypt search. I Try to find the xor key with putting coin value. But whenever the coin value changes the encryption changes. I can't find the xor key plz help me check out these scren shots
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