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  1. Emarkx

    Diepio zoom hack

    Maybe something in this post can help you How to find Dword for Byte? (#1n2jv6yx)
  2. You have to do a hex search for the actual word "true"
  3. Emarkx

    Diepio zoom hack

    You know how to use the hex editor part of GG? Try searching for the same value in hex value. That way you will find the real value faster.
  4. Emarkx

    Diepio zoom hack

    I wish i even knew what diep.io is..?
  5. You have to find the real value. Or try starting the game and pause it. Then do your group search and change the value.
  6. Sometimes true and false is stored as 1 or 0 And True or false You just have to figure out how its stored.
  7. @Boss45 nevermind. That wont work, remember i restarting the app to see if it stays permanently. It doesnt. I now understand what @Enyby said. Found a workaround.
  8. How do i get the data from the database? In the video i changed the value but it doesnt stay changed. Permanent. How do i access the database to change it permanently? Any recommendations can help. As i am lost.
  9. I really do not understand... I made a video showing that i managed to change a letter in a word. From "Hack detected" to "Wack detected" I am seeking to make it permanent. The app sends that "Hack detected" message. So its built in the app and not online. So i used Hex editor to find the word. Since GameGuardian also has that functionbility. Video is below. Please help me make the changes permanent?
  10. Good day, I have successfully found the byte value and changed it. So i know it is the correct byte value. I am asking how to find the Dword for that byte value? I searched for hex value and changed it using hex. When i scroll no dword for byte is shown. Then when i restart game. Value goes back to original. It doesnt save. So i am thinking to edit dword for byte. Since in some games, changing dword changes byte value and they both change together
  11. Maybe learn to change font size of your phone?
  12. If you can see the number, you can alter it.
  13. Emarkx

    Help For game guardian

    Can you answer so i can help you?
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