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  1. Emarkx

    awp mod

    what game is that? what script are you using?
  2. To do an encrypted search in Dword, Please just tick the encrypted check box, search for your value. Seeing 173,000 Million results is normal. after you search, minimize game guardian and play the game or change values. then go back search encrypted value and repeat. If you want to know more about encrypted searching, then see these links. How searchencrypted value - GameGuardian by Enyby Respawnables - hack money and gold -searchencrypted - GameGuardian
  3. I was wrong, yes green gems. I am not a lucky patcher champion lol I only know how to remove the ads from the game using lucky patcher. I really thought game guardian can change the values. dammit. I hope i am wrong again.
  4. Did you change the value in Float or Dword? You need to find the real value, if it changed physically to your eyes in Float/ Dword etc using normal, regular search. Then try an encrypted search in same Float/ Dword category.
  5. Are you rooted? Have you tried reinstalling it? Have you tried resetting your phone?
  6. Yes its possible. You have to learn how to make Lua Scripts, then load it into Game Guardian. Here is the Guide of different things Game Guardian can do
  7. Good day, this game might seem boring but i want to win my cousin. I can't seem to change the value of the gems (purple object)? Please help, it looks like a simple game but i am not able to find the real value, even if i do XOR, encrypted or just now search. I tried including all memory, but still nothing. Its absolutely not an online game. Game Name: Word Cooking Google Play Store: Game Link
  8. Sweet! second option worked. Thanks!!!!!!
  9. @zam535582 How did you get to choose which memory to look ? I saw java and Ca in video. I dont know how to get to that? Can you tell me how?
  10. I use basic newb methods to hack this game and it worked successfully then a couple of days later, they ban me. I think they periodically check your scores and time of install. Idk. Lets see how long this hack last.
  11. Emarkx

    Find encrypted value

    This will be interesting to know. How to find time values
  12. I dont really want to write a script for that, hopefully there is an option to increase normal search results higher than 100?
  13. Ok i manage to get the levels to change, it was not encrypted. But what i really want to change is the number of times i click on something, the game logs the number of times i click something. Also logs the number of days i been online. So how do i search for it? it seems to be encrypted because even "auto" not finding it. I tried checking the "encrypted" selection for game guardian but too many values comes up, like 90000 values. Which one is correct one? -- I tried waiting for the value to increase then search again, continue repeatedly. But still getting the false value. its not changing at all. --- tried using float and and plus increment the value, but still, nothing changed. I think the game guardian getting false values from the game itself or game guardian not showing any value at all .... what about XOR? How do i use that?
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