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  1. you post this same matter already in another post earlier.why post a new one?? its online game...and from Miniclip. Dont hope for quick and easy solutions.. if someone found a way to hack it...sure they do response.
  2. if you guys know the wallhack value for SD855. you could manually search for it...and can make a simple wallhack script that work perfectly with your phone..using GG record script function.
  3. ok..i get it now. thanks a lot for all the response and for your time. really appreciate it. thank you again. -case solved-
  4. ok..last one thing to clear up my mind a bit. Is it possible the type of value that was found with GG in virtual space change to other type of value when search with GG in rooted phone?? example...in virtual space value type is Float. in rooted phone....the value change to other type than Float.
  5. so you mean that...the way Gameguardian hack a game in rooted phone is different than the way Gameguardian hack a game in virtual space...even though its the same game.??
  6. hi quick question. Does Gameguardian works differently in rooted phone than non-rooted phone that use virtual space app?? or its all the same. thanks.
  7. for crystal check this out https://youtu.be/vR3viAlGCXM
  8. look for coin in ads search Dword and change one at the time to value you want..etc 999999 to see the changes..switch from tab to tab below watch ads coins received
  9. zam535582

    Hack games

    Do please tell what game?? ...so people can help you much better.
  10. yup...coins and item magic split. never play the game before...just curious to see if i can hack it...
  11. work just fine... non-rooted, Parallel Space, GG 86.3.
  12. please give some more details of what are you currently doing...so of that people can help you much better.
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