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  1. in this case for the game....i cant find 2 double. only 1 double...each and everytime when tried.
  2. BTW....this example not from the game right. from the game...im always end up just one address.
  3. As for my video... its not to give anyone deep understanding of how GG can be use or something. just simply follow and do as i did...and you done.
  4. what i had showed in the video was how i find the address...change it and succeed. i did try change the double at first..and the game did crash or stuck..i did 3 times..the results still the same. as i said before...im not good at this kind of thing.i dont know..we must change 2 double at same time. the only address i had found was only that one double at that very time.. so i go to into the address...and saw that 2 dwords thought if i change it may works...and it did.
  5. have anyone play this.....?? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.survival.last
  6. sorry again...my bad. i just and only hope someone could really understand...you know...just follow step by step of what im doing in the video. im guess....im noob forever.
  7. thanx for your comments...really appreciate it. my intention was for some one who not very familiar with GG or never use it before. step by step...like i was before. dont hate me...im still a noob.
  8. im newbie in making videos....so my apologize. hope this help for noob like me.
  9. you can get coins too using the script. choose--> Others in the script the rest...just same steps.
  10. -just run the script...choose what you want etc:Weapon. -let the script run till it done.(it will run several time) -now go back to Weapon...choose the weapon of your choice etc :FN scar -lets the script run till it done. -now go to Store --> Transport --> Gasoline
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