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  1. Bump. At this point, I have to assume that every currencies in this game are all server-sided, wether it be shards, silvers, gems,...ect...So no money cheat....what a boomer. But there's a light at the end of the road, maybe we could speed hack and speed through the game to continuously collecting gem from the gem mine (assumed that you have unlock it). Or maybe some damage hack to speed through farming, or even an exp hack in the tavern
  2. Did this work on Hungry Shark World version?
  3. Can you explain more clearly how to find encrypted value please?
  4. MiDu

    Crab war

    Too late bro, they banned me, although I tried a different method. I edit the savefile to get unlimited bundle buy, then bought them with lucky patcher so it free. First I find someone else savefile that already buy that limited one time bundle, get their file, edit with notepad, copy the third line, then paste that to my save file third line. After that, just enter the game, buy that bundle via lucky patcher so it's free, exit the game, relaunch and the game will said "receive ***** pack". Just repeatedly buy the bundle. However crab war has really good protection so they banned me right at that evening. But it just a decoy account so I couldn't care less.
  5. This is still work for 2019 yes?
  6. MiDu

    Crab war

    Name : Crab war Google playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxplore.crabwar Version: latest Cheat? Gold and Diamond, gene point and other currency are all server sided _My phone is rooted, I've tried lucky patcher, no luck (this also meant crab war has protection for inapp shoping), I've tried editting save game, zero luck, I've tried GG but no value found after first rescan. I've tried every method that I could find in this forum, the LATEST method was post TWO YEARS ago and it no longer work
  7. Are there any of these cheat trick still work, the latest respond was 2 years ago for god sake
  8. Can you give me the memory address for the coin and gem? or show me how can you find those value because when I tried to hack it manually the value I search keep disappearing. I search coin/gem value with D:word
  9. Here the proof. And yes, I choose the right process, I know how to use GG too.
  10. Not working bro, the price of the chest still the same after hack, I play leauge of stickman paid version 2019. Is this only work with the free version?
  11. MiDu

    Script Tap titans 2

    It's working, somehow , i don't know why it didn't work ealier but suddenly work for now.
  12. MiDu

    Script Tap titans 2

    Found a way to run the script, turn on v1, didn't work, turn on v2, didn't work either, my gold still deplete when updrage hero. Don't know how this work
  13. MiDu

    Script Tap titans 2

    dude, it's said "script don't work with this application" [added 0 minutes later] dude, it's said "script don't work with this application", in short, it didn't work
  14. MiDu

    Script Tap titans 2

    can you do this but with diamond
  15. MiDu

    Script Tap titans 2

    work with internet connection on? or do I need to turn off internet
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