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  1. please update script bro, I can find value of damage tower in new version
  2. I can hack diamond but if it will band you in a day, I don't know how to fix it ?
  3. Drok

    Archero Script

    thank you so much, but I also find all id of item legendary, thank you again bro
  4. Drok

    Archero Script

    it doesn't work with item legendary when mysterious trader sells scroll :(, please for me know id item legendary, please
  5. hi you, I don't have script but I can hack it, if you want hack (but not free, i'm sorry) then contact with me via gmail or text for this account, thank you so much
  6. Drok

    Archero Script

    hi bro, I need id of all items legendary in game, you can share it for me ? I can't use function hack item legendary when it appears mysterious trader if they sell scroll :(, please help me
  7. yeah thank you so much bro [added 2 minutes later] and I can ask a question again ? I must download archero and open gameguardian in virtualxposed and use it in archero (archero is not add virtualxposed) right ? thank you bro again, you very great :3
  8. oh oh, I understood, thank you so so much, and I will tick 2, 3, 4, right ?
  9. Because i tried, game can't run in virtual space so should don't try it :( i will try again
  10. oh ***** game :(, I ticked 2,3,4 but it also detect gameguardian after I complete search the first :(
  11. Drok

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    oh, you found it, wow, please for we know, # will any number ?
  12. oh man, thank you so so so much, you saved my life :vv [added 4 minutes later] hi you, I need know id item gold(equipment ex: pet gold you equipped, ...) to hack, you can for me know it ? thank you so much
  13. Hi you, you ticked any number hide gameguardian? I ticked 2nd and 3rd but it also detect gameguardian
  14. Hi guys, please help me, i tried tick hide gameguardian 2 and 3 but if i search any value complete then it will dis game, so how to hide it? Thank you so much
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