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  1. Hi guys, please help me, i tried tick hide gameguardian 2 and 3 but if i search any value complete then it will dis game, so how to hide it? Thank you so much
  2. Excuse me, I know it's not related to hack games, but I can't root my phone, my phone is oppo a71 cph 1801 a20 190614, I tried Magisk Manager and flash file rom zip of phone but it error message: unknown image format , I downloaded it in a web oppo : this is web I used to download rom for my phone https://oppo-np.custhelp.com/app/software_update_detail/p_name/A71 (2018) I don't sure it has must rom exactly for this, I hope you can help me, please and excuse me
  3. Drok

    the greedy cave

    thank you, but I don't need material :v, I only want hack gold and diamond :v, I hope you will find it, I tried ways different but it doesn't work :(
  4. soul stone? it has color blue, right?
  5. Drok

    the greedy cave

    this is link game:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avalon.cave&hl=vi hi everyone, game updated, and it fixed any error, and now I can't hack it, please help me
  6. Drok

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    oh, did you have a band? what did you hack ?
  7. oh man, game hack easier , you need only search value dword
  8. Drok

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    wow wow, very good man =)))
  9. Drok

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    oh oh, I understood, thank you so much again bro
  10. Drok

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    wow wow, perfect, thank you so much bro, but if i hack follow you then it has band my acc ??? thank you again
  11. Drok

    Cant hack Dungeon Maker

    oh thank you so much, good information :v
  12. what ? you tell the truth ? how ? and you can hack what anything in game ?
  13. hi admin, I clicked link, but I don't find how to solve it where ? it has many page
  14. Drok

    Crab war

    oh, so good, I hope will have anyone can hack it but it doesn't band account
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