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  1. That is why i wanted to request for help in this forum. I need someone that can work with me to make a script, and pointers.
  2. File format in the first picture is correct. The issue i see is not on your end. I forgot to mention one important thing. The Address you used as the base was the Item Quantity Address, what you need is the Item Type Address. You only have to click on the "Go To" and get the address right on top of the one you get when you search for quantity. Item Type Address will be something like this: ?????1F8 I have attached a small guide in word format, to explain with more details. (v1.6) Monster Hunter Stories Memory Index.xlsx MHS Hack Guide.docx
  3. Can you link a video or explanation on how this tool works?
  4. Update: Finally Got all Weapons Indexed with their codes. Got all Armor indexed with their codes Got All items, but index code sequence incomplete match with codes New Sheet Designed for easy address auto update with only input the new Address of Herbs (Find Herbs address to update offsets) Previews of the Excel sheets Notes for steps are inside the Excel File... (v1.6) Monster Hunter Stories Memory Index.xlsx
  5. I have started a project to data-mine Monster Hunter Stories. All help to the project would be appreciated. Need to test and Index the correct codes for Weapons, Armors, Monsters... (Most Items already Indexed) Locate end of Weapon Memory Range (Already Located the Start) Locate the end of Armor Memory Range (Already Located the Start) Find the Egg Memory Region Find the Egg Parts Memory Region Learn how to Build Lua... (O_O)? Learn how to use the Pointer Scan Used Game Guardian to Memory Exported to " .txt" file, Format to Excel cells distribution using NotePad++, by replacing " | " with Tab spaces. This process must be reverted to inject the edited memory back into the game using Game Guardian. If anyone knows any better tool or method, you are welcome to share the info. Monster Hunger Stories Memory Index.xlsx
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