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  • Unlimited Money Angry Birds Transformers (Unlimited Money) By d2dyno

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    Overview: Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this action-packed, 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! The EggSpark has transformed the eggs into crazed robots who are destroying Piggy Island, but who can stop them?! Autobirds, ROLL OUT!

    Have you ever seen an alien robot Angry Bird? Enter the AUTOBIRDS! This brave band of heroes features Red as Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee and… well you’ll meet the rest soon. They’ve got lasers and they turn into cars. Plus they have arms and legs – that’s a first! 
    But the courageous Autobirds can’t save Piggy Island on their own – to stop the EggBots they’ll need to join forces with their arch rivals the DECEPTIHOGS (like Decepticons only smellier). Can these bitter enemies team up and put aside their differences? Yeah right... 
    *NOTE: Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.
    - COLLECT! Unlock a roster of heroes (and villains) with unique attacks and abilities!
    - DESTROY! Leave the slingshot at home – this time you have some SERIOUS firepower!
    - VEHICLES! Oh, yes! Car, truck, tank or plane – transform to dodge falling hazards!
    - UPGRADES! Get stronger weapons and new abilities for every Transformer!
    - TAG TEAM! Borrow a friend’s character to unleash a devastating two-bot assault!
    - TELEPODS™! Scan ‘em to unlock, revive or boost your bots!
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  • Mod Valkyrie Crusade (1 hit kill) By d2dyno

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    Overview: "The battle girls have come... to the world up in the heavens"
    "Valkyrie Crusade" is a new type of game that combines card battles with gorgeous girl warriors and fanciful town building.
    Beautiful Battle Girl Cards!
     Summon a variety of beautiful girls!
     Create your own military unit, fuse cards with evolution and amalgamation, and charge into battle.
     Become friendly with your girls and strengthen your bonds......
    Create a lovely "Kingdom"!
     Build structures with various effects, and build your own unique town.
     Even players who are not adept at battles can enjoy decorating their town.
    Magnificent Battles!
    Organize your units and march into each area to restore peace to the World of the Gods with "Campaign".
     Fight with other players in "Duel" to get "Sacred Treasures".
     Cooperate with friends to defeat powerful enemies called "Archwitches" with "Subdue an Archwitch"
     A variety of battles await you!
    1. 1 hit kill
    * does not work in pvp/boss raid
    ** also applies to enemies; must have greater or equal number of units to win
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  • Unlimited Money Crossy Road (Unlimited Coins) By d2dyno

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    Overview: Join over 10 MILLION players and experience Hipster Whale's massive viral #1 hit now available on Google Play!

    ***Best of 2014*** -Touch Arcade
    ***Best of 2014 - Mobile*** -VentureBeat
    ***Best of 2014 - Mobile*** -GSMArena
    “A smorgasbord of vibrant, rewarding moments” - Gamezebo
    “You can play it for two minutes or two hours and love every second of it” - Time
    "Just pure love and frustration, in equal doses" - Polygon
    Why did the Chicken cross the road?
    Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there?
    Why did Specimen 115 abduct that cow?
    Why did Unihorse eat all that candy?
    - Collect over 50 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters with more added
    - Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlessly hop forever
    - Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot
    - Simple, pure, innovative gameplay
    - Free to play
    1. Infinite coins
    2. Unlock characters
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  • Mod Scrubby Dubby Saga (Mod) By d2dyno

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    Overview: Scrubby Dubby Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! 

    The tub toys need your help to rescue their lost friend.  Slide the soaps to create a path and travel their world in search of her.  Along the way you'll meet a host of characters and play through some tough levels, will you be a soap star and help the gang to reach their missing buddy?
    Take on this fantastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 
    Scrubby Dubby Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.
    Scrubby Dubby Saga features: 
    A new match 3 with a twist! Slide lines of soap in challenging puzzles!
    Create bottle blasters and touch them to release their power
    Collect the soaps to keep the Wallowing Hippos happy!
    Remove the Soap Foam and help Dixie the duck escape
    Free your friends from Marcel the mighty Crocopirate
    Scrubby the Shark lost his Pearls: help him!
    Join Scrubby and Dubby in their amazing adventure
    Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet
    - Normal moves.
    - Unlimited lives.
    - Episode Unlock after short break.
    - All In level boosters are infinite(you have to unlock to use)
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