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Design This Home mod

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Has anyone made the values stick when you change them ? Like cash and diamonds ?

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    • By Thongnguyen
      Guys I found it 2 days ago. I am newbie. Tks for Nofear and Drace Shino's videos
       Full buildings from 00:00 to 12:40.Just try and ask any questions
      My channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCReI8o1G_QvUSzr5_-XkB8Q

      Just comment with any questions 
      At 2:00 2:58 and 4:15, find the address that end by "80"
      From 11:40 you just paste and copy (up and down copy value like 11:45) and enjoy. Should go up 1st. 😄 until you could buy only a black dot ( with no item) than stop. Back to 11:40 and go down
      From 12:44 I ve tried to find war card items but couldnt. The Gg crashed. I will try it later.
      Note: You can change value of neomall items' price and quantity. Watch from 12:44 and try it :)))
      Music from Sáo trúc Hoàng Anh https://www.youtube.com/user/Anhflute
    • By MdRep
      Iam trying to modify the Simcity(latest version of november 2019) but before applying anything the game is stopping and the Game Guardian message telling that the "Game Dead". I can't restart it with protect less mode also. Please help me. 
    • By GlitchedGadget
      Please I need a script that makes a UI  to get infinite crystals, preferably paid crystals.maybe an alch stone generator too
      Thanks guys
    • By Holocrypt
      Pls help with script or hack that can be performed for bullet strike sniper battleground Android 
    • By NdxIp
      View File Counter Attack
      Download That
      the magic bullet u can shot everywhere around enemy  just shot him if next round I should u off and trun on to back animation
      Submitter NdxIp Submitted 11/03/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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