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Small Street - Game Guardian

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Name of Game: Small Street

Game Version if known: Not sure

Name of Cheat: Unlimited $$$$ and Glu credits


I know that there is already a hack for this game, however, the other hack is using a Hex editor, and as I am not familiar with those, and for those who are not familiar with Hex editors, I have put up this for Game Guardian.

The steps are just the generic Game Guardian hacks.

Find the value of your money - then enter value into Game Guardian (GG), spend a small amount, then hit Fuzzy and Smaller, then keep repeating until you find the value for money. Rename, save, and move onto Glu credits.

Same process applies to Glu credits - then once you have both, save them for this game, change the values and then save and then load and BOOM. Game is hacked.

This was a game my wife plays - to be honest, I cant get into it - too much micro management, but hey - its a game, and it can be hacked! Mwuuuwaaahaaahaaa!!!

I hacked $99 million dollars and 999999 glu credits!


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