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[TUTORIAL][ROOT] Star command token hack


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Name of Game: Star command

Game Version: tested on all versions up to 1.1.4(probably works for newer versions too)

Name of Cheat: Infinite tokens


1. Start a new game or resume a save

2. Obtain/have at least one token in your inventory

3. Save game, note the slot number

4. Go to /data/data/com.starcommand.scgame/files

5. Open your save file(In a text editor), which is named in the format game-save-<slot number>.scg(000 Is autosave, 001 is slot 1 and so forth)

6. Find a line that says <key>tks</key>

Here, the tokens you own are stored as an array in the format :


<array> <string>token_sci_1</string> <string>token_tac_1</string> <string>token_eng_1</string> <string>token_sentry</string> <string>token_sentry</string> <string>token_revive</string>


7. You may add new tokens to this array. For example: (I added a few tactical tokens and removed two sentry tokens)






<string>token_sci_1</string> <string>token_tac_1</string> <string>token_eng_1</string> <string>token_revive</string>


8. After you are done editing the file, save it and open the save inside the game.

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