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Speed Hack Detected!


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16 hours ago, UnknownJ said:

Can someone help me to run the speed hack on this game Era of Lorencia. Everytime I run the GG speed hack it detects by the game within less than a minute. 

Dont use GG speed hack, a lot of game easy detect it

And if u didnt use GG speed hack, then try bypass anti cheat

1. Try find in address(when u go to by time) 2 Dword numbers what change to UP every second and put it to 0 and freeze


2. Try find anti cheat offsets(get_invalidTime), (TimeHacker), (Hacker) and etc then change it to

Mov w0, wzr (64 bit)

Ret (64 bit)

Try hack it using this script(if game on Unity) - 


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Hello @kotako

I'm really new at this platform this is even my first time using gg. But I was able to run it. And also do some changing on in game value as well. So far this is the only thing I know about using gg. Would you be so kind to elaborate exactly how I can initiate the speedhack without detecting by the game. Or what apps I can use to execute it 

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