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How to change Speed and other Values? (The Ghost: Horror Online)


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Id appreciate some help as I am a total noob

Some Context: 

I would like some to change some Values in this Unity Game that could be of use.

Changing Speed: e.g works with a generic Speed Lua Script, however the whole game starts to speed up (The Enemy Ghost too) which is unpleasant.

Changing the Money Reward😞 Money = XP) does not work, seems to be Server sided. Changing the price of items (perks) or increasing the level of those results only in a visual change. Changing the Reward for watching an Ad was also only Visual

Changing Torch Brightness: seemed to work, but I already forgot how I did it.

NoClip/Fly: couldn't find a way for this, although i NoClipped trough the floor by using a random Value Finder/Changer Script

GodMode: This was a feature that was  added to a Chinese Mod Menu of this Game for a older Version, included with speed hack). 2 of 3 Ghosts could not kill me when this was on

Increasing the Radius of being able to find Items: (CircleHintAnimator), could only change aspects of the Animation, was not able increase the "HintRange" when an Item was nearby


I know its possible since the Chinese already did it a year ago. I would appreciate your help. I will provide a Screenshot of me searching for stuffScreenshot_2024-02-25-23-57-52-606_bin_mt_plus.thumb.jpg.8f65e756b067572c9d75272550fb3898.jpgScreenshot_2024-02-26-02-36-01-097_bin_mt_plus.thumb.jpg.7f3cddf0bd70d835308623c362290dc0.jpgScreenshot_2024-02-26-04-04-06-511_com.Gameplier.TheGhost.thumb.jpg.10b935403af62bb7bd0f2d8b0b8f9538.jpgScreenshot_2024-02-26-03-36-47-397_bin_mt_plus.thumb.jpg.98079c9d350e031ced417eaf59eaba58.jpgScreenshot_2024-02-26-00-42-55-168_com.Gameplier.TheGhost.thumb.jpg.774d853f6aaee8012f07f9487ee558c1.jpg



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