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Help me with this game, pls!


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Hi, I'm a bit new to this. I'm having a problem with this game: Magnet Miner. It turns out that I have to reach 4,000 meters in the game, and when I edit the amount of coins the limit is 2,000,000,000,000 (2,000B as shown in the picture) in Dword, but (as shown in the picture) once I reach 1,130 m (in the picture 1,130 km) the value to buy it exceeds the 2,000B I have. How can I do to have more money, or otherwise modify the value of 1,130KM and put it in 4,000KM.


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, sammax71 said:

Try editing Qword

I don't think those offers ever pay out

In fact, if they do, you have to know which offers to make and to whom, but I know they do. And they pay a lot. I'm going to try QWord, and I'll comment when I do.

Edit: As you say I use QWord, could you give me some quick instructions?
I restarted the app to do everything from scratch, but the data doesn't appear if I search for it with QWord (neither the depth distance, nor the money).

Edit 2: I'm sorry, but do you know how to change the level values? In this game there aren't any, but in other offline games in which when you reach a certain level you unlock things, it has happened to me that I've managed to get infinite money, but when I don't reach that level I can't buy certain things.

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Posted (edited)

I feel too useless at the moment. I go to the options, I choose A: Anonymous. I go to search, search for the value next to the depth unit (I restarted the game, so it starts at 50m), search for 50, go back to the game, use my coins to modify the value to 60m, go back to GG, refine the search to 60 and nothing comes up. Clearly, that's not the way it is, I apologise and admit I'm dumb when it comes to not modifying money. could you be more specific with your instructions? Also, I should also modify the value at which it is bought to make it real, as at 4,000km it can't be worth the same as at 1,040km (which I can't either).

It might be easier to just ask you for a screenshot and that's it, but I'm interested in learning to do it myself and try other games as well. The possibilities are endless with knowledge.

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, sammax71 said:


Memory Range: Anonymous

Value Type: Dword

50km = 1

60km = 2

70km = 3

80km = 4

Enjoy your reward 😉

its easy.

=  (your current depth - 50) / 10 then add 1

example :

= 80-50 = 30/10 = 3+1 = 4


first at 50m you search for value 1

increase depth to 60m then refine to value 2

increase depth to 70m then refine to value 3

and so on.

for edit to your desired depth just use the formula above but dont add 1.

you just upgrade it once.

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1 hour ago, MonkeySAN said:

es fácil.

= (su profundidad actual - 50) / 10 luego agregue 1

ejemplo :

= 80-50 = 30/10 = 3+1 = 4


primero a 50m buscas el valor 1

aumentar la profundidad a 60 m y luego refinar al v alor 2

aumentar la profundidad a 70 m y luego refinar al v alor 3


para editar la profundidad deseada, solo use la ecuación anterior pero no agregue 1.

solo lo actualizas una vez.


Thank you very much to both of you, and to you for specifying all the steps and the video that made me understand everything and very simple. I apologize for the inconvenience. Let's see if I get my reward. 😛

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3 hours ago, MonkeySAN said:

for edit to your desired depth just use the formula above but dont add 1.

Or you can just edit to 399. That puts it to 4000km when you upgrade once more which is where I think he needs to be.

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