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  1. thanks Monkey, that will indeed give me a place to start that's better then "unknown value"; using the % value and the max listed depth on that page wouldn't yield me the result i was wanting, now i have a value to hunt down i might get a little more lucky (too often my unknown hacks lead to app crash when changing values)
  2. wish i could figure out how to find these values you guys are finding, i'm lucky to find a value most of the time, blind luck or really simple, searching encrypted values takes ages and never has yielded any useful results on my attempts. while i can beat around most of the time and find the value (each time i play the game, it's rare that the memory address is always the same and a saved list will only work once in a rare while for me) you guys always manage to find things that i'd never consider, and above all, most of what your doing can be reproduced easy (something i've never figured out how to do as i just bruteforce the values i want to freeze or set (freeze for most things, set in rare cases) also need to note that while the fuel % value and gage don't change to 100%, it is frozen and does work in that script (health still doesn't do anything of use, doesn't heal the crew, or the ship) i'm going to have to really try to figure out how half these values where even found (the values the script changes) maybe i'll get lucky, and thanks guys for everything you do/did. noticed that the speed hack is only for surfaced speed (if underwater speed was maxed at around the lowest speed on the surface it would be perfect IMHO) looking for: no flooding (1 of the god mode requirements) always: HULL 100% (###FT) on the crew/ship overview page (1 of the god mode requirements) after thought: the crew of the ship gain xp over time (the only requirement is the passage of time) in the given department they're in; and that gives bonuses for those skill levels, i wonder if a really ninja hack could be found to increase the speed that xp is given to the crew? my end goal with that last one would be to try to train the entire crew fully in each of the different departments making each member of the crew a "master of the boat" i have to say that previous script has already made massive dents in the per play hacks i do each time i play (is a pain in the a** to find each of these values every time, if i could script better maybe i could make something that works, lolx. ABOVE ALL ELSE, THANKS! (now to try and figure out how to hack more on this thing and see if i can't get lucky)
  3. i'm using version 1.1.6, and some of the hacks work as expected, and that's awesome, my copy says ***YOLO********** when i load it, something about the host site or whatever, common enough with games and other off google apk's. just a few issues with the script (most of it works) what doesn't work (or not as hoped for): fuel (does not increase fuel amount at all) health only changes the % counter and does not 'heal' or give a 'god mode' (for the ship it's the 'hull' xx% (***** FT) you can find this stat when you tap the gauges with the %'s, there on the left side of the screen you'll see two bars, one for FUEL and another for the HULL being able to freeze the HULL value would create a god mode also using the health code will change the crew gauge to 100% but does not heal any of the crew (which is what that health counter represents, the counter is the overall crew health) what does work: energy, O2, torpedo, and speed (speed really needs an 'on' and 'off' status) it's a very layered game, gives me hell trying to find the values to freeze, glad that i can get a little hand holding and help here thanks for all the effort you've already put in.
  4. thanks guys, let me just say that i'd not link directly to any source other then google play when making a request, it does NOT in any way imply that i'm using the apk from google play (don't think i've installed anything from play in at least 3 years now, the best software can't get hosted on play, much like GG) anyone could duckduckgo the game and in the first page find the same apk i'm playing, current and up to date even. just sayin. (for those like me that don't have an extra dime laying around where there's a will, there's a way, lars ulrich told the world back in the 90's how, lolx.)
  5. so as a paid game it's not hackable? does GG magically stop working on a bought app? my version of GG must be broken then because it hacks bought and paid for games and apps all the time with no problems. i sure wouldn't down vote someone's request because the game in question is 'paid', mostly because the bulk of people on this site using GG don't care if it's paid for or not, the internet is a vast place and it's all out there for the taking if you look. don't worry, i won't make another request for anything, not sure what i was thinking asking the GG community if anyone might have this game and know the things i don't know. sorry i asked, my bad.
  6. google play link to game in question. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.panicensuessoftware.crashdive2 unlimited torpedos (can find value and freeze as dword) unlimited deck gun (can find value and freeze as dword) unlimited AA gun (can find value and freeze as dword),(can also find AA gun magazine value as dword and freeze for no reload) unlimited cash (upgrade budget) (found) AND/OR "max all upgrades" (unfound as of this posting) unlimited crew health (unfound as of this posting) unlimited ship hull health (unfound as of this posting) unlimited fuel (unfound as of this posting) unlimited radar range (unfound as of this posting) unlimited identification range (unfound as of this posting) i'm sure i'll think of more, as well as possibly find more of these, i'll update the thread as their found.... found a copy for myself that wasn't on google play '-)
  7. are there really that many un-rooted users that VM's are the standard now rather then the exception used when no way to gain root is known? i'm asking because that's the most common solution i see is VM's and similar software; and if a user has root, there's a solution somewhere to run natively, for me it was 'SElinux' under the 'fix it' section of gg's start-up window; furthermore: GG has a built in function to hide from cheat detection software where it will install "ABCXYZ" replacing the GG named version, which is a random per install generated name (i've uninstalled and installed the same version of gg more then a dozen times, each time getting a different "ABCXYZ" name.) i guess less and less users have ROOT?
  8. talkIRC

    Android 12?

    are you rooted? if so, scrap the VM's and set to 'SElinux' in the 'fix it' section once everything is properly installed natively in the device. if your not rooted: i can't really help, i'd not own a device i couldn't root (even my old lollipop LG VK815 is rooted and that was a pain in the a** to do way back when). IN THE EVENT that you set it to work with SElinux (in a fully rooted device running android 10, 11, and/or 12) and still encounter crashes or problems, please be sure to upload the logcat file, crash log, and any helpful details of exactly what you where doing at the point of the crash, as the users that will tackle the problem will also try to reproduce the same error if possible on similar hardware should it be available to them.
  9. from the reported results from users like myself, yes you can use GG natively on android 10, 11, and 12. i've never used a virtual space in android to use gg, nor would that be logical to me to run software that i shouldn't need in the first place given root level access. android is built around the linux kernel as i understand it, and in linux root is a computer term for 'GOD', thus if i'm running in 'god mode' nothing extra should be needed for GG to run properly. in fact the 'fix' to use a virtual machine type environment was out of the question simply because i had root control of the device and using the VM is a way to use GG WITHOUT root access, otherwise you would not need the VM at all (thus not an option in my view as a root user) should you try this and still have errors it would always be good to share those, logcat data, crash logs, ect; if you provide those things here, someone with understanding will reach out to you; just remember we're all here for free so it might take time to get a really detailed answer, give it at least a week before you 'bump' it as a reminder.... anyway you prob know that type of forums protocall.... happy gaming.
  10. i'd found that same fix a few days ago, posted the 'how to' on the thread that i first posted my issues on, didn't think to link it over here, but sure am glad that we're all finding the same solution and that it's working for users of android 10,11, and 12.
  11. it's clearly an online game, so it's likely that only some of the things you want are client side, but if it's mmo... well that's going to do a lot of checks on everything you got, and if you go from 0 to hero in one server to client query your going to get a lovely ban of some sort in most cases (not always, humans make mistakes after all and it's.... well... human) but i'd be remiss if i didn't at least warn you. cheers!
  12. as i don't know the exact game this may or may not be a working fix, but i've had similar issues before. my solution was to simply create a new char that would 'level' quickly, search for the value in question, find it and add to saved list, switch the char back to the one that was 9999 and edit it down. this may not work for you, and making a new char might not be an option in your game, but this is one possible fix because as long as the game stays running it should (i stress SHOULD) still use the same address for that value. hope this helps you out.
  13. SOLVED IT! under the 'fix it' section, set to work WITH SeLinux, did that and everything worked just like it has for the last 8 years. thanks everyone that's taken a look at this problem and tried to help out with it, i'd refused to stop trying every option i could find and on a whim i tried to change that setting, and poof, everything worked. thanks everyone that helped out, and for anyone with this problem or other problems related to the newer android versions try this, in my case i figured it's already not working so i couldn't make it worse, and here we are, with a happy smile.
  14. no process selection wasn't the last thing (after reviewing my original post, a step was indeed missing) in the steps i took, i could choose the process, but you can't search a value (crashes when you try), you can't load speedhack (when you try it crashes), if you go to the addresses tab of GG as soon as you do it crashes. I will include logcat files for each of these processes, while i might have had the process selected for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, i'd not searched for a value yet, i select the process to hack as soon as the game starts loading which takes a little time, then to navigate to where i need to be in the game to search for a value takes time as well, so how long GG is running (without doing anything with the RAM of the game via GG it runs like any app would, it's when you try to use GG to do anything with the app you want to hack that it fails.) going to take time to type all these out as i do them, so the time stamps are a little pointless, i'll just give the time each starts 11:40am (time on tablet, so stamp in file should be the same) started gg started game long pressed GG icon to enable speed hack choose game's process screen freeze for aprox 10 seconds and hard reboot at 11:44am (time on my pc, can't read the clock if the tablet is restarting, lolx) first logcat file (takes me a few minutes between each run to save the logcat file and zip it up on my pc to post here) 11:50 started GG started game choose process try to search for dword value of 1 screen freeze for aprox 10 seconds and hard reboot 11:52am (again time on pc because tablet it restarting) second method logcat file (each time i'm making sure to delete the previous logcat file to ensure totally new files each time) 11:56am start gg start game select process choose addresses tab attempt to scroll screen freeze and hard reboot 11:58am (again time on the pc; tablet rebooting) third logcat test these where all done with SOFTWARE GG; if you like i can go through the same process in hw gg but the results always end the same with a hard reboot. if there is anymore i can do, let me know! hope all this helps first logcat file-GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_11_30.7z second method logcat file-GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_11_30.7z third logcat test-GG_logcat_r101.1_16142_11_30.7z
  15. sounds like an online game to me if there are 'admins' involved, there is NO way to hack online data because it's not on your device, it's on the server in a data farm beyond GG's ability to touch.
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