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How took look for negativ values



Ok short description:

I wanted to to make out of one item 2. 
There for I was generally looking for 0,06 and change the whole group to 0,08... then I split the 2 item stack to 1 item stack to find the right value. Then i remark the others to reset them to the original value.

But it look like I missed some values and now got negativ values in my invantory, which lead to crashing my game when I open the inventory page.
So what could I do know? Can I look for negativ values from unkown number to change them into positiv ones? 


Best regards and thanks for the help!

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Ok I guess it wasnt clear enough.
This is the problem.

Three numbers turnend negativ (I guess) the were around 5.600.000 (5,6kk), 7,1kk and 7,7kk.

I cant see the exeact numbers of these three items because everytime I open this inventory page, the game crashes bevor. There for I cant see changes or the numbers itself.

So I need a way to look for unknown not controlleble negativ number to make them positiv/delete the item stacks.

Hope the problem is clear enough now

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