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Hello GG!


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Helloo everyone. I am Ben and I loves to play and discover some modded games.

But I am not a pure gamer. I am learning to code and I hopes to learn to make some simple mod here.

I am here because of recommendation of sammax71, so credits to himšŸ˜†

Anyway, hello GG!

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Welcome to us brother/sister, iĀ hope you will enjoy your journey among us. feel free to ask any question when you are blocked, there are some tips to get you started

Watch some tutorial on youtube about game hacking:Ā even you are not hacking it, it is important see the aproach/method used by others cheaters i recommand you thisĀ chanel

After you feel confortable with gg then :Ā it is time to learn scripting, you need to start learningĀ LUAĀ first expecialy if you are new to programming, beacuse it is important to make difference between native LUA and GG specificity

Now it is time to learn more advanced stuff like momory patch, offset, etc and feel free to see theĀ DocumentationĀ when


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