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Virtual xposed FB login


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That's because it's not from the browser in virtual

Make sure no facebook application is installed outside virtual. and try to install the old version of Facebook Lite on Virtual.


Another step, Install Via Browser on VirtualXposed

When logging in, there are three dots in the upper right corner of the screen (if you use Chrome as the default browser). Click the three three dots and select Open in Chrome. after opening copy your login link from chrome then paste it into Via Browser in VirtualXposed. after you login in Via Browser there will be a small pop-up at the bottom of the screen and select Allow. You will automatically be directed to the game and successfully logged in

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      I use Virtual Xposed as a virtual space and it doesn't run some games, e.g "Free Fire, Hill Climb Racing 2... ETC" 
      How can I run them in order to do some hacking?
    • By er__ror
      Dear GG Team,
      I want to know some issue please help me .
      My phone is no root so i use virtual xposed in gg and all is fine. But now i have one problem i play online game login with facebook so i use this game with gg but i can't login to exiting Facebook link account. Some error appear please see in photo and help me .
      Thank GG team,
      I love Gameguardian <3
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