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You can't cheat on gold as it will reset to 0. But you can duplicate inventory items & sell them for a big profit. Pick an item that you have multiple of (atleast 5). It doesn't matter what the item is as long as its an item that can fit multiple into 1 inventory slot. So a weapon, boots, armour, etc will not work.

Let's say you have 10 Thin Leathers in slot#7 of your inventory bag, search for "10", sell 1, search for "9", sell another, search "8" & so on until you yield a result. You should get a result after 3-4 sales/searches. Now change the value to 25000 (larger values don't seem to work) & save it. You now have 25,000 Thin Leathers in slot#7.

You can then move 24,999 Thin Leathers to a different slot & leave 1 in slot#7. Go back to your saved search result & press ok (25000 will already be entered from the previous attempt). Viola, you have 25,000 more Thin Leathers. Just keep repeating.

You can duplicate other items such as potions & spells by moving into to slot#7 & performing the same action. Find the Blessed Upgrade spell as soon as you can (should be a quest in the Fire & Burn Village)  & you can level your equipment to the max (21) without penalty.

I haven't been successfull in changing experience or other values-- you can cheat for extra skill & stat points. After the points are distributed, my Attack & Defense lock at around 3 and it never goes up.

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hello Skullboyq, do you know how to hack Spirit Guardian : Vanguard Rush, i'm trying some method to change value of the game, but not effected.

will be nice if you share something about that game, ex : daily reward or Sign in reward, daily quest reward, main reward quest, more stamina or anything that will make easy to play that game.


thank you.


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