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help lua script

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hello, any experience scripter can give me little help?
i want to do this 


function mainmenu()

funtion A()

run loop/repeat function A() then close gg ui

stop the loop if GG icon is press/open and back to mainmenu()



thankyou very much, 

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      Hey guys long time i haven't posted a guide in a long time but here it is!
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      *A password (could be cracked with a password cracker so multi passwords could be usefull instead)
      *Rename blocker (this was made by: @TopGEOYT) this gets the file so we can check if  they changed the file name! 
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      All ya need is your values and then your encryption tool then your emojis then your finished! 🙂
      if you have any questions reply down below and ill be there soon!
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