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Hello I wanted to help the people those who want to hack homescapes stars. 

First download homescapes from the below link.


Then open homescapes, complete the tutorial, then search for the values :-

29550;1000;1050:29 (Dword)

Then select 1050 & edit the coins to how much coins you want.

Then long press on 1050 & select offset calculator & fill offset to -58 with hex & select goto.

Then it will take you to an address. Select that address & edit to Dword & edit how much stars you want. That's it. 

Also you can then update the homescapes to the latest version. The stars & coins will not be gone.

If you have any doubts watch the below video. Good luck!






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    • By cisco72563
      Hello guys, items in the Golden Ticket events can be swapped as seen in the attached picture (a Youtuber has done that in many videos). My guess is a lua script that can swap Free items with the Golden ticket items, but, since I do not know lua therefore I ask can anyone create a script. If there is any other way you can just tell and I will follow your guide. Thanks in advance.

    • By Sjsjbdbwj
      I am using game guardian on android 8.0 (oreo). But I use without root via parallel space. I am not able to hack the main game, I can hack only the cloned app. But in the cloned app I got a way to access the main game via Facebook. But when I click "connect to fb" in any game it just shows a white screen. Only once I was able to access with tropic escape. In any other game it doesn't access. It's like as if it crashes. Please help me! I am new to gg.
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      Is there a way how to get Golden Ticket or only the Golden Ticket Furniture / costumes for free? (editing some values, or maybe if there is a LUA script for it)
    • By BobTheStone
      How do I edit stars value in homescapes? I can change coins, but it's not working for stars (Searching DWord for current value - then refining until I get only one result, and then changing it to custom value). Do I need to do it differently?
      Thank you!
    • By separatio
      I need some help with Homescapes stars. tl;dr at the end
      I tried hacking the stars with Game Guardian (with the -58 offset), but I am still unable to find the value.
      I tried searching for the star value, but still no luck.
      I have the following issues:
      1. Searching for the set of values in videos (25k something; 1000; coin value) does not work. Also, I saw that this was added at the end of the search values:   :random_number?
      2. I managed to get the coins and hacked that + in-level boosts, with dword search and refine methods.
      I'm quite technical-able, so I'd like to know... does anyone have an answer how the -58 offset was found?
      Or how I can find the stars value and modify it? It's mind numbing that I'm trying for a week now and I can't seem to find an answer.
      Any and all help is much appreciated.
      tl;dr: I tried everything in all tutorials. Doesn't work. How do I find the stars value and modify it?
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