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For people who edit random numbers :P


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So one day i decided to crack a game called zombie age 2 maybe make a script to share or something basic, 

i launched gg with the game and started working on cash and so far so bad i didnt get anything good 

so i decided to hack ammo i went and search then start editing but i wanted more. i decided to go to the address to see what happens to the gun if i edit the random 0F (F = float) float numbers to 1 and see my results the first result was awesome made me shoot ak bullets and it actually looked like an aka shooting out of a pistol,  no way how to increase it or use offset in a script (too stupid), 

untill this happened. the character became distorted its head would point in the opposite direction of the gun. at some times the player would freeze when doing that 

so for people who edit random numbers please be certian thats the value you want to edit but hey! its called trial and error for a reason the games values get reset (with addresses) and everythings okay! but you never know what your going to get XD

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