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Range searches

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How do i set the range for my script?

the range for the number is anonymous but REGION_ANONYMOUS 

doesnt work and im wondering what number its assinged to?

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    • By MilkyGT
      so any other way to get 0 value got select in script? bcus i cant exactly find the value what i want if i search only 0 number, the value around cannot helping much bcus the code keep changing when im about to hack the game, 
      "the value always at same position" but at the sametime the value code 0, i just wanna know how selecting value in address while the code is zero"0" with script (and the address also changing, not always same). i just wonder to get fastest way to direct (value) code what i want with the script without anytrouble and i just hate do it manually.

    • By iamsatyanshu
      can anyone help me with editing a DWORD value that should be any number within a range or without a range boundation except "3" .?
      Or in other words the number should be anything except '3'.
    • By Scrayil
      Hello everyone,
      This is the situation: i would like to find a particular value that is encrypted.
      There is actually no way to find out the encryption method.
      8 is equal to 167117 and 43 is equal to 818796
      I can easily find the value using fuzzy search, but it requires too much time.
      The address is not static, and i can't even search for a part of it.
      Group search is not possible, because near values are different between devices.
      I tried using pointer scan, but there are no pointers for it.
      is there something else i can try?
      I would like to create a script for it.
      Is there anyone who can help me?
      thank you in advance!
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