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Is this possible on GG?



so i watch this video of someone hacking diep.io with cheat engine and he used what i assume is the hex editor. My question is, is this possible with GG

The second part of the video is what i talk abt( zoom hack) 


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Its possible. BTW zoom hack for .io games is region Xa, have a look at the agar.io and slither.io scripts.

Agar.io hack (#51uyd5d5)


Slither.io Hack (#42cd7hnh)


I dont really understand everything whats happening in the game but GG should normally have it also but you will need to search it differently. I dont see the guy doing majure changes, its not like he is adding some script or code to the game. So aslong that is not done it should be possible to do what he is doing.


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